Two Burning Issues

Friends, as you may know, you can always find key action items right on the front page of our Priests for Life website ( in the large ACTION box. In recent days, other leaders and I have been kept particularly busy with concerns on two fronts. One has been the Susan G. Komen Foundation, about whom we have raised the alarm for years concerning their donations to Planned Parenthood. When they recently announced their decision not to donate to Planned Parenthood, that abortion monster of a law-breaking corrupt organization turned on them with meanness and intensity. What hypocrites the organizers of Planned Parenthood are. They will take money from anyone, but as soon as someone expresses concern because they are under investigation (through every fault of their own), they turn on them, bully them, criticize them, and threaten them. I just have one thing to say to Planned Parenthood at this point in time: go away, so we can have a better world.

The other matter, of course, has been the current Presidential Administration’s callous disregard for the rights of conscience, through its HHS ruling about requiring religious institutions to cover the cost of abortion-inducing “contraceptives.” Wow. It used to be the other side that held up freedom of conscience. How things have changed, and the Church and her leaders are rising to the occasion.

Here my thought is this: why wait until the toothpaste is all over the room before we decide it’s better kept in the tube? So many who would not lift a finger to help us in the recent Presidential elections are now trying to work wonders to undo one of the consequences of the election — consequences that could have been avoided had more Churches spoken up, registered voters, and not chased out of the parking lot those who were distributing information about the harmful positions of the candidates. Maybe we will learn this time. There’s another election in November, after all!

One more item: you may have heard recently of the death of Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, former Archbishop of Philadelphia. He was a delightful man, and gave much encouragement to Priests for Life over the years. He led the bishops’ pro-life committee for some years, and had a deep love for the unborn. May the children give him a warm welcome in God’s Kingdom!

Blessings to you today, and thank you all for your good wishes on this, my Birthday! — Fr. Frank

7 Responses to “Two Burning Issues”

  1. Teresa Kasch says:

    Father Pavone you are AWESOME! You’re post gave me a chuckle and helped to release the steam that’s been building up in my chest over all these issues…thanks for all you do for us and the church…and keeping smiling!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Father Frank,you have been the voice in the wilderness crying out repent in my mind for the past twenty years from what I recall.Those that have the ear to hear are finally stepping out of the apathy to do something about what they believe in,or they should not bother to receive Holy Communion for go to Holy Mass for that matter.The attack you are under now,is the direct result of all your accomplishments.You are a gift fromGod to all humanity.Happy Birthday.I hope to visit my local parish sometime his week,to discuss the real status of the church,and not just the new roof fund.Peace of Christ be with you Father,and with your family,and the entire pro life family that you created thru the divine intervention of the Lord our God,Amen.

  3. Theresa Czyzyk says:

    We always look forward to your updates and appreciate that regardless of where you are, that you continue to lead us in this fight for life. Father I converted to our wonderful Catholic faith when I was almost 40 years of age and appreciate the opportunity of giving and doing thanks, the act of gratitude to our Lord. Recently with all the attacks against us and especially with the most recent attach against Catholic Health Care to provide abortive meds, there has been talk throughout the Diocese that there are many Democratic Bishops and Priests who aren’t against what is taking place. This is very troubling and I’m wondering what your thought on this sensitive issue is. Please know that all of you are in our prayers ~ God Bless, Theresa Czyzyk of Cincinnati, Ohio

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