Various Thoughts….


·         A lot of great things are happening this summer. For one thing, we’ve simplified our internal structures so that we can use our energies and resources even more effectively to bring about an end to abortion. The enemy knows we’re closer than ever to the victory, and so he tries to throw every obstacle in the way. But it’s not going to work. We’re moving full speed ahead to the full victory of complete protection for our unborn brothers and sisters.

·         We now have a pro-abortion Catholic running for Vice-President. This is going to intensify once again the often bitter dispute not only about whether such Catholics should be allowed to receive Communion, but also about the scandal resulting from the position they take. So many people make significant sacrifices to live their Catholic Faith. Then these public hypocrites come along and throw key tenets of the Faith out the window, but want to be known as “practicing Catholics” anyway. There should be outrage, and there will be.

·         We were also treated to the remark by a public official that the question of when a baby receives human rights was beyond his pay grade. That’s what the Supreme Court said, too, in Roe vs. Wade, declaring that the judiciary was “not competent to speculate as to the answer” to the question of when human life begins. This gives rise to two thoughts, one from common sense and one from Scripture. Common sense tells us that if someone is hunting and doesn’t know whether what’s moving behind the bush is a bear or a man, he should refrain from shooting until he is sure. Doubt, in other words, leads to an abundance of caution, not an abandonment of it. Scripture, moreover, tells us that the man who committed the first murder claimed ignorance about the one he had killed. “Where is your brother?” God asked Cain. “I don’t know” was his answer. It was a lie, and it doesn’t allow either Cain or the Supreme Court or anyone else to escape their responsibility to protect their vulnerable brothers and sisters.  


Fr. Frank

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