Vatican Conference

I kind of missed Thanksgiving this year. I was on a plane to Rome, in order to participate in the “Second World Congress of the Ecclesial Organizations Working for Justice and Peace.”

Of course, Priests for Life is one such organization, because the most fundamental social injustice is abortion. Moreover, in Blessed Mother Teresa’s words, abortion is “the greatest destroyer of peace.”

The sessions of this gathering, consisting of several hundred leaders, addressed various aspects of Pope Paul VI’s document “Populorum Progressio,” whose 40th anniversary provided the key theme for the Congress. Many excellent presentations were made and we also gathered in language groups to share our insights and experiences.

Most valuable, however, was simply meeting the people from so many countries and so many ministries who are doing magnificent work in witness to the Gospel, and receiving the invitations to strengthen the presence of Priests for Life into those countries. We are already in many of them through our broadcasts, our literature, and speaking engagements that our pastoral team has made in the past. Some nations have officially established Priests for Life branches.

The opportunities for expansion continue. And I found myself giving thanks all through the day for these people and these opportunities.

So maybe I didn’t miss Thanksgiving after all.

Fr. Frank

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