What is the Priority?


Thanks for coming to my blog. 

I want to think out loud with you for a while. When I first met with Cardinal O’Connor to discuss my doing Priests for Life work full time, I said to him, “Your Eminence, I don’t want to move papers, I want to move people.” I began traveling full-time and visiting all the pro-life groups around the country. I prayed with them at the abortion mills, preached in the Churches, and spoke at their banquets. 

I still do, and love every moment of it. 

As organizations grow – and we are now the largest Priests for Life group in the world – people start getting a lot of ideas about how to “institutionalize” them. The larger you get, the more options you have: build this, build that, do this project, get that status. 

As I often say, the devil doesn’t tempt good people to do evil things. He tempts good people to do good things – so many good things, in fact, that they fail to do the essential things. 

Friends, the commitment I’ve made from Day One of this ministry – and the same commitment I have today – is that we will remain focused on our one simple mission, which is to end abortion. I want our resources to go to getting our priests on the road, meeting other priests and showing them how to preach on abortion. I want our energies directed to initiatives like the 40 Days for Life which we are helping to kick off in so many communities from coast to coast and in which we are getting the Churches involved. I want our funds to help the woman who calls our toll-free number looking for an alternative to abortion or healing after abortion. I want our efforts geared toward winning elections! 

If we can do this with fewer buildings than we have, then that’s what we should do. If we can do this will less bureaucracy, then that’s what we should do. 

Every day, I pray to the Lord to help me keep my energies laser-focused, and frankly, that has been a key ingredient to our success. Focus on the mission, period

Day by day I’m involved in reviewing everything that we are doing and planning, so that I can make sure that focus is maintained, and that we make the smartest use of our resources. That means a willingness to change plans at times, to go in new directions, to adapt in any way necessary to stay on the path that leads straight to the goal of ending abortion

I know you are with me on that path! Let’s walk it joyfully! 

Fr. Frank

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