What Would Mother Teresa Say

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, shares thoughts from Mother Teresa

“If we allow the mother to kill her child, how can we tell others not to kill each other” – Mother Teresa

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  1. Juliet Calabrese says:

    I am convinced that abortion is a hidden holocaust & that if society continues to ignore our most vulnerable citizens, we will be nothing more than depraved, demoralized heathens. I participated in 40 for Life & at an abortion mill in Chicago, they are so afraid of a few old ladies saying the rosary under a 15 ft picture of the Divine Mercy that the clinic put up a tarp around the parking lot so no one going in can see. I know that it is cowardly. If they think what they do is lawful and good- why hide behind a tarp? They have security cameras. Is a picture of Jesus Christ that frightening? I think they fee GUILT. I think they know what they do is murder. I imagine when they put the tarp up to hide behind they thought it would block out their consciences too. The fools, the fools, the fools. Until the USA overturns Roe V Wade, the blood of the innocents cries out to God for justice…& the tarp will not hide the guilty.

  2. Nancy Brady says:

    All I can say is that I agree completely with Bl. Mother Teresa. If you really believe that abortion is an evil, then you have to vote according to that belief. I pray for those mothers who are postabortive and in need of healing.

  3. Lorie says:

    I totally agree with these two ladies. I participated in my first 40 days for life campaign. That was so awesome.

  4. Theresa says:

    Having been an active part of the Pro-life movement for many years now, I wince a little when I hear the phrase “mother murders her child”. Of course the mother is complicit, but these mothers are preyed upon by the abortion industry and by others around them who do not want to be “punished” by that mother having a baby. Women go for abortions so often under the duress that comes from the pressure of their own parents, of the father of the baby, and of a society that values abortion and does not value precious unborn human life or the women who bear that life. The real murderers are those in the abortion industry that promote this evil and the Democrats who gave so much time and praise to abortion at their convention in 2012. Not to discredit Mother Teresa, I agree that abortion is the greatest evil and destroyer of peace. And while culpability lies with the mother to a degree, the abortionists who profit from this destruction of life are the real murderers. I know you would agree with me, I just think we have to change our phrasing to fit the true understanding of who is the greatest promoter of this evil: the abortion industry, led by Planned Parenthood, and the Democratic Party.

  5. JPG says:

    Last night at my College Freshman English essay composition class, the topic was about abortion. There were about 20 students and only 20% were engaging in the dicussion. There was an observable tension. However, my professor was able to enliven the salient points of the essay we were analyzing (Abortion: Write And Wrong) and permeated each other’s heart. Because of the current secular bias in the public educational system, legal sensitivity is placed on the forefront. However, a grace-filled skilful educator can be creative in presenting the Truth for the right reasons. Saving the life of an unborn is a right act to support in any given situation. Reliance on the promise of Jesus in Matthew 10:19; soaking ourselves with revealed truth through the teachings of the Church and with great love that Blessed Mother Teresa witnessed for us through prayer and the Eucharist, and the sacraments, can only bear fruit that pleases our Father. We don’t need mercy in heaven, we are given mercy now, so we can dispense mercy particularly after the elections. Healing needs to be accessible to all creation. The studetns went home with a fresh understanding of what deception has pervaded our society , while learning more about the misuderstood vigilance of the ProLifers. Truth sets us free. As children of God, we are entrusted this same everlasting truth to be spread out in this darkplace, the deceptive-abortion arena. It needs not remain cold and damp, we are called to engage to refresh and bring life. Ave Maria!

  6. Marie Czarnecki says:

    I loved the video and Mother Teresa..

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