What’s a “Difficult” Day?


We all receive the help of friends at times when they know that we may be dealing with particular problems. They will preface their encouraging remarks by saying things like, “I know these are difficult days…”

I’m sure you, like I, appreciate the encouragement.

At the same time, however, I find I usually differ with others’ assessment of what constitutes a “difficult” day.

Let me tell you what makes a day difficult for me. It’s knowing that some four thousand of my brothers and sisters, living and growing in their mothers’ womb, are scheduled that day to be chopped apart by the abortionist’s knife. Their arms and legs will be dismembered. Their heads will be crushed. Their bodies will be pulled out by forceps or sucked into a vacuum tube. The activity is planned, paid for, and legal.

As the day goes on it’s more difficult, because then I know that what was scheduled to happen has in fact happened.

And then what makes the difficulty all the worse is seeing the apathy of so many who could save them, the silence of so many who could speak up for them, and the cowardice of so many who could sacrifice for them.

I wonder why people who will try to show compassion by saying “I know these are difficult days” don’t say anything about the difficulty of living in a culture of abortion. They will recognize the difficulties that sometimes arise with relationships, with health, with finances.

But to suffer because our unborn brothers and sisters are being tortured and killed? So many of us have a big blind spot.

I get through the difficult days by committing every ounce of my time, energy, and activity to ending this holocaust, and by resolving anew each day that I will not stop doing that until the holocaust stops.

Every other challenge, difficulty, or problem – well, I appreciate the encouragement, but save it for another time. Those other “difficulties” really pale to nothing in comparison.

Fr. Frank

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