Why Catholics Leave the Church


Your pro-life work is a great encouragement to us in the leadership of this movement. Last night I had dinner with Tony Perkins, Dr. Richard Land, Bishop Harry Jackson, and other prominent Christian leaders. We were together for the National Religious Broadcasters convention. We discussed the upcoming election, as well as the various trends in the movement. You are the ones who will make the difference as we continue to work each day to protect life!

I was also asked recently to take part in a forum to answer the question of why Catholics leave the Church. You can see my response, along with the responses of other prominent Catholics who were asked for their opinion by clicking here.

In short, I pointed to the many who leave out of bitter disappointment in the contradiction they see between the Church’s teachings on abortion and the manner in which resources and priorities are allocated. If abortion is murder, let’s act like it, not only individually, but institutionally. In that way, not only will we save children’s lives, but we will save the spiritual lives of so many who are disillusioned.

Thank you for all you are doing, as individuals and organizations, for this cause. We will not fail!

Fr. Frank

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