Will the Church Help?

As the election season intensifies, we all have an important duty and opportunity to inform one another about the candidates. One of the best places for news about candidate statements on life issues is www.lifenews.com. My friend Steve Ertelt does a good job of providing news coverage and commentary on what the candidates are saying and doing about abortion.

We will be providing guidance also at our election website, www.politicalresponsibility.org.

The Church, too, in her various parishes and schools, and vehicles of communication, has a marvelous opportunity to inform voters about where candidates stand on key issues. Unfortunately, most of these Church institutions do no such thing. Either they are not aware that they can do so legally, or they are advised not to do so, “just to be careful.”

Voter education material, if distributed by Churches, has to be provided in a non-partisan manner. There is plenty of guidance on how to do that, and we reference some of the sources at www.politicalresponsibility.org/.

But let me ask a question about this exaggerated need to “be careful.”

About what do we have to be more careful, preserving our institutions from legal entanglements or preserving our nation from total moral collapse?

Even if the danger on the part of our institutions were to risk losing their tax-exempt status – which, by the way, is not at all the danger – then that would still not measure up to what we risk losing in the cultural battles that will be impacted by this election.

Yet what we often see is a willingness to do nothing to alert our people to the candidates’ positions, just so that no questions will be asked, no challenges made, no inquiries conducted about whether we were good boys and girls in the eyes of the IRS.

Can we please end this silliness and get down to fulfilling our serious duty to sound the trumpet and equip  the Christian people with clear knowledge, so that they can go into battle and change this nation for the better?


Fr. Frank

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