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Murdering the Unborn


Ira Boudway

Brophy Prep Roundup- Phoenix, AZ


Every day, four thousand four hundred people in America are legally killed. Fr. Frank Pavone knows this is wrong and is doing everything in his power to stop it. Fr. Pavone is the National Director of Priests for Life. This organization of priests is dedicated to stopping abortion. On Friday, October 28, Fr. Pavone came to the Brophy chapel from his headquarters in New York, to speak to some Brophy classes about the evils of abortion. His talk was both frightening and inspiring.

Fr. Pavone first established -- by quoting abortion doctors, judges. and pro-choice demonstrators -- that both sides of this issue recognize that abortion is the killing of a baby. It was frightening to hear a judge refer to an abortion as a "legal execution." It is horrifying to know that some people recognize abortion as murder and still condone it. Scariest of all was hearing an abortion doctor’s words about the sensations that run through his hands as he removes the contents from an unborn child's head.

After shocking his audience with the reality of abortion for the Unborn child, Fr. Pavone revealed the reality of abortion for the mother. He spoke of the ruthless lies told by abortion clinics in order to make more money. Women are told the abortion is not painful, that their baby is only tissue. They do not know that their child already has arms and legs and already sucks his thumb, and the doctors are not about to tell them. Fr. Pavone knows about these lies from former clinic workers who could no longer stand the lies. The women are also unaware of the physical danger to themselves. Fr. Pavone held up a list of the women who have died as a direct result of the abortion operation. Legal abortion is not much safer for women than illegal abortion. When was the last time you saw a story about a women dying during an abortion on the news? There are also women whose uteruses are lacerated while the baby is scraped from within them. These women are not aware of the situation and often face complications, the death their baby, or even their own death next time they try to birth a baby. Besides the physical dangers to the women are the psychological traumas they often experience. Fr. Pavone spoke of a women who told him she has nightmares three times a week about her aborted baby pointing his finger at her and accusing her for his death.

When Fr. Pavone finished frightening his audience with the realities of abortion for the child and the mother, he inspired them with a generous promise. Fr. Pavone, after explaining the many options for a mother besides abortion, including adoption and bringing the child to one of many help centers around the nation, promised that he personally would take and find support for any newborn child. He had the names, address and phone number on handouts at the chapel and sincerely pleaded that anyone who knows of a mother thinking of abortion call him, and he will take the child. Certainly Fr. Pavone is walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

The apparent devotion and powerful speaking of Fr. Pavone had a very real affect on many students including myself who heard him speak. As Dominic Brunetti ('96) put it, "I used to be pro-life. Now I am really pro-life."

Some students had question about abortion for the Father which he willingly answered. They wanted to know if he thought abortion was wrong even in cases of rape, incest and danger to the life of the mother. Fr. Pavone explained that killing a child is always wrong and that unwanted children who are the products of rape or incest can be taken care of in the same way as other unwanted children. He also explained that the great majority of abortions are not performed for such reasons. In cases of danger to the life of the mother, Fr. Pavone explained that, due to medical advancements this almost never happens, and that when it does it must be the goal of the doctor to save as many lives as possible

Fr. Pavone finished his speech by letting his audience know that if they are as disgusted by abortion as he is, there are things they call do about it. If you are disgusted by abortion, you can pray for an end to it, vote against people who support it, write letters to people in power, and take part in sidewalk pickets and other things.

If you would like to start a group of Brophy students that does such things, please speak to me.

-- Ira Boudway


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