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Recall Abortion — Deadly to Babies, Harmful to Women


Patti Maguire Armstrong

The Integrated Catholic Life


The government has our backs when it comes to product recalls.  When it comes to car seats, those things are recalled so often, it makes me wonder how anyone has survived to adulthood having sat in one.

I’m not complaining. Of course anything that is not 100 percent safe for our precious babies should be recalled, such as deficient baby formula,  or faulty cribs, and other paraphernalia where a baby could get hurt even if only rarely.  And then, there is abortion. When it’s effective, it’s fatal to babies 100 percent of the time. So why no recall?

The reason is because the debate rages on as to whether a pre-born state baby has the right to life.  Let’s leave that argument behind for now and talk instead about women and society—the other victims in this era of freedom and choice.

In the book Recall Abortion: Ending the Abortion Industry’s Exploitation of Women, Janet Morana reveals the profound damage the abortion industry is inflicting on society.  “Abortions is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against women,” she writes.   According to her, it’s usually a no-questions-asked procedure—both before and after.  The abortionists want the business, and problems after the procedure are simply not their problem.

Morana is the Executive Director of Priests for Life and Co-Founder of the “Silent No More Awareness Campaign,” the world’s largest mobilization of women who have had abortions. In her book, Morana shares testimonies of frightened and conflicted women and girls who were brusquely ushered in and quickly shown the door after motherhood was surgically removed from them.  Psychological and physical trauma afterwards are of no concern to abortion providers. Yet, they point their fingers at prolife advocates and shout: “War on Women!” It is a major disconnect.

Embracing women, both born and unborn, is not war.  Killing and ignoring pain, now that is war.  The testimonies provide snapshots of an industry that harms. “I have battled thoughts so suicide, drugs, alcohol and many fears. I suppressed it, but it was eating away at me. It affected everything…” said one woman

Another woman shared sadly that she aborted her only child, never again able to get pregnant. “Scar tissue had grown on my left side, to the point that it connected my uterus to my colon, causing me to have surgery and then six years later a hysterectomy.”

Safe, Legal and Rare

Bill Clinton began the mantra of making abortion ”safe, legal and rare” during his 1996 presidential campaign. Morana deconstructs such a fallacy.  For instance, in New York City alone 40% of all pregnancies end in abortion.   In the African American community, for every 1,000 babies born, 1,448 are aborted.

It’s somewhat understandable that pro-choicers who claim to be passionately for women’s rights have missed the fact that women are being exploited then pushed aside and ignored.  After all, when the truth is not reported, it’s easier to believe the lies.

“The problem of lack of information about abortion safety was first identified by Life Dynamics President Mark Crutcher in his book Lime 5, now acknowledged to be the definitive look at the internal workings of the American abortion industry and it’s supporters,” Morana reports.  “Almost all of the data published on abortion morbidity and mortality comes from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia.  But in Lime 5, Crutcher documents that from the beginning, the department responsible for gathering the disseminating this information has been dominated by people with known ties to the abortion lobby.”

The pro-abortion influence, according to Morana, runs throughout the organization. “Dr. David Grimes, for example, who was the longest-tenured abortion information gatherer at the CDC, is an outspoken, widely-quoted defender of legalized abortion and a presenter at National Abortion Federation conferences. Furthermore, during the time he was responsible for DCD’s abortion data, he was moonlighting as an abortionist at an Atlanta abortion clinic.”

The Greatest Hoax

The “you-have-got-to-be-kidding” moments are many throughout the book. Morana gives us a history lesson beginning with women’s rights advocates Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who were also very pro-life.  But then, in the early 1900’s. Margaret Sanger came along and opened her fist abortion clinic in New York City.  Although initially, Sanger referred to abortion as “dangerous and vicious.”

Morana brings out perhaps the greatest hoax ever to descend on society—that abortion gives women freedom. She provides testimony from women who represent a large percent of abortions: those that were pressured against their will.  Parents, boyfriends and even abusers often pressure vulnerable girls and women to abort the baby they want to carry.  Women are not becoming more powerful in the sexual revolution. They are often used for sex, blamed if they get pregnant, and pressured to end their motherhood by killing the babies.  They then, become the walking wounded and often repress their pain for years.

Abortion is not a service, but rather, a disservice to woman and all of society.  It may seem outrageous that Morana imagines that abortion could possibility be recalled, but when the damage from it is measured against any other recalled product, it’s illogical that legalized abortion is allowed to continue.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and Chairman and Pastoral Director of Rachel’s Vineyard wrote in the book’s preface:  “When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the ban on partial-birth abortion in 2007, it made clear in its Gonzales v. Carhart decision that the government can act to protect women and children even when there is divided opinion in the medical community,” he wrote. “In the end, this book calls for a brand new dividing line: between those who really care bout the people who have abortions and those who don’t dare, between those for whom caring trumps ideology and those whose ideology causes them not to care, between those who are willing to listen and those who have lost the ability or will to do so.”

The world has been deluded.  Abortion is hurting us all so why can’t we recall it?   By informing ourselves on the damage effects of abortion we can point to the real war on women. And maybe then, as more people wake up to reality, abortion will be recalled.

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