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Catholic New York May 30,1996


Priests for Life

A joint statement of commitment written by

Fr. Frank A. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life

and signed by 100 leaders of the pro-life movement

across the United States of America


We, the undersigned, as leaders of the pro-life movement in America, join together today to condemn the partial-birth abortion procedure as an act that totally contradicts a civilized society. Furthermore, President Clinton's April 10 veto of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act totally contradicts the purpose of such a society's government, which is to care for and protect human life.


We consistently oppose the destruction of all innocent human life. The continuation of partial-birth abortion as a legal act in America, however, should be a serious wake-up call to all citizens. If we cannot reject this as wrong, what will we reject? If this does not disturb us, is there anything that will?


In fact, a December 1995 Tarrance poll shows that 71 % of Americans support a ban of this procedure, as do 65% of self-avowed "pro-choice" voters.


We call for an end to the myth that partial-birth abortions can be necessary for a woman's health. Expert testimony given in Congress states, "There are absolutely no obstetrical situations encountered in this country which require a partially delivered human fetus to be destroyed to preserve the life or health of the mother" (Dr. Pamela Smith, Senate hearing record, p.82).


We commit ourselves to educate every American about partial-birth abortion and to call them to a united response to end all destruction of innocent persons.


Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director

Priests For Life


Christopher H. Casey

Executive Director

Campaign For The

American Family


Beverly LaHaye


Concerned Women for America


Eugene F. Diamond, MD


American Association of

Pro-Life Pediatricians


Julia A. Grimstad

Executive Director

The Center for the Rights of the Terminally Ill, Inc. (CRTI)


Sylvia J Mobley

Executive Director

Human Development

Resource Council


Kay Ziloolsky

Founder and President

Life After Assault League


Rachel MacNair

Feminism & Nonviolence

Studies Association


Richard John Neuhaus


Inst. On Religion

& Public Life


Colleen Parro


Republican National Coalition for Life


Marilyn Heigl

Executive Director

National Organization of

Episcopalians For Life


Jim Vittitow

Program Director

Pro-Life Action Ministries


Mike McHugh


American Rights Coalition


Royce Dunn


Please Let Me Live


National Life Chain


Kevin L. Cunningham


Youth For Life


Joan Andrews Bell

Quo Vadis Rescue &

Adoption Outreach


Elaine D. Cook


National Life Center


Greg Schleppenbach

State Director

Bishops' Pastoral Plan for

Pro-Life Activities



J. C. Wilke, MD


Life Issues Institute, Inc.


Kent Peters

Director, Office for the

Social Apostolate

Diocese of Duluth


Lawrence Breheny

Executive Director

Catholic Charities-Des

Moines, IA


Janet Krocheski

Director, Respect Life

Programs, Archdiocese of

St Paul and Minneapolis


Deborah Stafford Shearer

Director, Respect Life

Diocese of Orlando


Mark Lally


Ohio Right To Life Society


Sister John Joseph, SV

Sister Simeon Marie, SV

Sister Loretto Michael Creed, SV

Sister Margaret Robbins, SV

Sister Francis Weary, SV

Sister Josamarie Perpetua, SV

Sister Manea Doorosa, SV


Vicki DePalma


Project Truth


Kevin J. Banet

President. Chicago Affiliate

Catholics United for Life


Rev. Paul Chaim Schenck

Minister-in -charge

Reformed Episcopal



Conrad Wojnar

Executive Director

The Women s Centers of

Greater Chicagoland


Jerome B Higgins

Vice Chairman

Ll Coalition For Life &

NYS RTL Committee


Kathleen Essex


Defenders of Life


Maria McFadden

Executive Editor

Human Life Review


Rev. John B. Brown


National Pro-Ltfe

Religious Council


Ray Jamieson

Salvation Pro-Life Group


Anthony DeStefano

President Catholics United for the Faith

Staten Island, New York


0 W. Sailer

High Sierra RTI



Eileen M, Zeiter

Executive Director

A Better Choice, Inc


Vickie Mazur

Executive Director

Heartbeat of Monroe


James F Stapleton


St Claire RTL


Fr. Denis R. Breton


Holy Cross Church


Ed & Ann Carbin

ii in & Pat Sheils

Co-Chairmen, RTL

St. Matthew the Apostle


Russell Pond


NH Pro-Lite Council


Fr. Richard Hogan

Associate Director

Priests For Life


Clarke D. Forsythe


Americans United For Life


Janet L. Folger

Legislative Director

Ohio Right To Life


Rev. Robert L Behn

Executive Director

Last Call Ministries


John W Murphy

Vice President

Valusia Co, RTL


Joseph M. Scheidler

Executive Director

Pro-Life Action league


Magaly Llaguno

Coordinator for

Latin America

Human Life International


Gary R. Fisher


Life Matters Productions Inc.


Raymond E. Drake


The American Soc. For The Defense Of Tradition,

Family & Property


Bogomir M. Kuhar, Pharm. D

Executive Director

Pharmacists For Life Intl


Maggi Fitzpatrick Nadol

Respect Life Coordinator

Catholic Diocese of Charlotte


Jan Smith


Family Resources Center


Hugh A. Pimentel

St. Martin De Porres

Lay Dominican Community


Judith A. Gorman

Director, Off. Pro-Life Activities

Diocese of Buffalo, NY


Ruben Obregon

Catholic Justice Network


Rev. Flip Benham


Operation Rescue National

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