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Catholic Twin Circle, May 22, 1994: Why we need priests involved in pro-life work

The Wanderer, June 2, 1994: Priests for Life Seeks New Members

The Sooner Catholic, June 5, 1994: Recruiting Pro-Life People

Catholic New York, June 16, 1994: The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act

Catholic New York, July 7, 1994: Buffer Zone Ruling

Catholic New York, July 14, 1994: Fr. Frank Pavone Visits Mother Teresa

Catholic New York, August 8, 1994: Abortion coverage in healthcare bill

Washington, DC, August 11, 1994: Pro-Life Groups Condemn Killing of Abortionists

The Tidings, August 12, 1994: Guest Editorial "Violence Cuts Off Chance for Conversion"

The Sooner Catholic, August 14, 1994: Abortion Opponents Denounce Killing as 'Mockery' of Their Mission

The Forum (Fargo, ND), August 15, 1994: Pro-life march with Blessed Sacrament

The Wanderer, August 18, 1994: Fr. Pavone Speaks at National Youth Day

The Wanderer, August 18, 1994: National Youth Day Hears Exhortation from Mother Teresa

The Port Chester Guide, August 31, 1994: Local Priest Visits Mother Teresa in Calcutta

The Wanderer, September 8, 1994: Bishop Sullivan Leads Procession to Fargo Abortion Facility

The Florida Catholic, September 16, 1994: Priests Urged to Oppose Abortion

The Pittsburgh Catholic, September 16, 1994: Interview with Fr. Frank Pavone

Catholic New York, September 22, 1994: Letter to the Editor

The Daily Item, September 23, 1994: A Visit with Mother Teresa

North Texas Catholic, September 23, 1994: Priest tells audience to take up cross to end abortion

Catholic Advance, September 30, 1994: Abortion thinking is upside down

Catholic Advance, September 30, 1994: Pro-lifers still have power to change society

The Progress (Clearfield, PA), September 30, 1994

The Wanderer, September 1994: Mindszenty Conference

Catholic Spirit, Wheeling, West Virginia, October 7, 1994: Clergy dinner

Brophy Prep Roundup (Phoenix, Az): Pro-life talk to Students

Catholic Review, October 19, 1994: Faulty pro-choice logic

Los Angeles Times, October 19, 1994: Three Anti-Abortion Groups Talk to Justice Official

The Wanderer, November 10, 1994: Pro-Life Leaders Meet Department of Justice

Catholic New York, November 24, 1994: Anti-Euthanasia Campaign

Greenville, Texas, November 26, 1994: Parish Mission

The Sooner Catholic, December 4, 1994: Letter to the Editor

Catholic New York, December 8, 1994: Embryo Research Ban

Vermont Catholic Tribune, December 9, 1994: RU-486 Protest

Catholic Herald, December 15, 1994: Milwaukee visit

The Sooner Catholic, December 18, 1994: Pro-life leaders urged to increase efforts against RU-486

Catholic New York, December 22, 1994: Pro-life masses announcement

Catholic New York, 1994: Memorial to Unborn planned at Auriesville

Catholic New York, 1994: Ecumenical Conference

Catholic Voice, 1994: Call for Priests to Lead Pro-Life Victory

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