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New Catholic Action: Support Chris Smith, 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act'

It is time to ignite a New Catholic Action

Deacon Keith Fournier

July 23, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - Congressman Chris Smith has faithfully served in the House of Representatives for 28 years. He is one Catholic who has remained faithful to the truth. He refuses to compromise on the fundamental human rights cause of our age, the Right to Life. The Pro-Life position is not simply a "religious" position - though the Congressman is a faithful Catholic Christian - it is a human rights position. The Right to Life is the foundation of every human rights issue. It is precisely because we recognize the dignity of every human person that we care about the poor.

Congressman Chris Smith has been faithfully and tirelessly serving in the House of Representatives for 28 years. The people of the 4th Congressional District of New Jersey are fortunate to have this dedicated public servant representing them. The people of the United States are fortunate to have him in the People's House.

On his Congressional web site we read this succinct and straightforward declaration of his consistency: "As a Member of the United States House of Representatives from New Jersey, Chris Smith has championed the rights and interests of many - from children forced to toil in sweatshops to women kidnapped and sold into lives of prostitution to unborn children whose opportunity for life is threatened.  Smith has dedicated his life to protecting human rights and helping the world's most vulnerable." Go Here 

He is leading the effort to prevent the use of military hospitals, equipment and personnel for the killing of children through abortion, funded by tax payer dollars. Senator Roland Burris, right before Memorial Day, slipped nefarious language into an amendment which, if unopposed would have led to such bloodshed. The Senator's spokesman Jim O'Connor told an Anti-Right to Life reporter that the Senator was approached by the notorious NARAL Pro-Choice America and other Anti-Right to Life lobbyists, as well as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They asked him to sponsor legislation which would repeal the long standing prohibition on killing children in the womb by abortion on military bases, both in the United States and Abroad.

LifeSite News, in a story written by Lames Tillman entitled "Rep. Chris Smith to Introduce "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" reported on Thursday on another example of this courageous and faithful public servant defending human rights for our youngest neighbors. In the wake of the dangers clearly surrounding the current health care legislation and its implementation in a manner which would result in the funding of abortion, Representative Smith will introduce legislation on July 29, 2010 which will ensure it does not happen. 

Tillmann writes: "If passed, this bill would establish as permanent many of the pro-life policies that currently rely on regular congressional re-approval, and which are attached as riders to annual appropriations bills."This 'as needed' approach," wrote Rep. Smith in a letter to his colleagues, "usually results in a debate over abortion funding anytime Congress considers health-related legislation."

"Smith's proposed legislation would make permanent the Hyde amendment, which prohibits funding for elective abortions through any program funded by the annual Labor, Health, and Human Services Appropriations Act. It would also codify the Hyde-Weldon conscience clause within the Hyde amendment, which ensures that recipients of federal funding do not discriminate against health care providers because they do not provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions.

"It would also make permanent the Helms amendment, the Smith FEHBP amendment, and the Doman amendment, which respectively prohibit the funding of abortion overseas, the funding of elective abortion coverage for federal employees, and the use of congressionally appropriated funds for abortion in the District of Columbia. It would also make permanent a few other pro-life policies."

We URGE our readers to do absolutely everything possible to get this legislation passed! Contact your Senators and INSIST that they support it. You can find your Senator and how to make such a contact do that by going here. The dangers are clear. Our own Jennifer Hartline recently exposed them in an article entitled  "What about that 'Executive Order?' Abortion in Three States with Federal Money?" This legislation is needed! We must do all we can to ensure that it is passed and becomes law. 

Our motto as a company is integral to our mission "Inform, Inspire and Ignite". We will do all we can in the coming months to mobilize Catholics, other Christians, other people of faith and people of good will to build a new culture of life.  Catholic Online will help facilitate a New Catholic Action as we approach the critical fall election in the United States. We will also help fellow Catholics, other Christians, and other people of faith and good will throughout the world in their efforts toward the same goal.

One of the reasons we are legally structured as a "for profit" company is so that we can engage in these kinds of efforts without the limitations often wielded against nonprofit entities. As a Constitutional lawyer I believe efforts to restrict the free speech and political participation of non-profits is unconstitutional.

However, organizing as a "for profit" company removed any limitation on our political participation. These are urgent times which require that we be free to speak the truth and mobilize the faithful, free from efforts to restrict the expression of the truth and misapply the Internal Revenue Code as a tool of censorship in our "politically correct" age. 

We will not be stifled by political correctness, and we will not be intimidated by wrongful efforts to marginalize the message that every single human person, from conception, throughout every age and stage, up to and including natural death, has a Fundamental Human Right to life. This is not a Democratic or Republican "position", it is not a conservative or liberal position, it is a human rights position. It is not a "single issue", it is the lens through which everyother issue must be considered.  

The Right to Life position is not only a "religious belief" which can then be marginalized by the new anti-religious relativists and kept within the four walls of a Church. The Right to Life is an objective truth; the child in the womb is our neighbor. Science has confirmed what our conscience long ago told us. All of the deceptive efforts and the sophistry used to hide the evil we have allowed to go on - nearly unchecked in this Nation, must be exposed for what it is.

The Right to Life is the foundation for every other human right. There is no "Abortion Right" - even if the "choice" to do what is evil, take an innocent human life in the womb, is now enforced by the positive law of the State. This is an unjust law. The Right that is real is the Right to Life. Abortions do not have rights, only human persons have rights.

Those Rights are not given to us by Government but by God, whether we acknowledge His existence or not. The role of a just government is to recognize, respect and protect those inalienable rights. Thoseinalienable rights cannot be taken away by Government either. Every procured abortion violates the fundamentalHhuman Right to Life. Legal abortion violates the Natural Law which can be known by all men and women through the exercise of reason.

The Natural Law is the foundation for our positive or civil law. It is also binding on all. An example is that we all know it is always and everywhere wrong to kill our innocent neighbor. However, we have decided to make it somehow "legal" that an entire group of persons, children in the womb, can be killed as a matter of "choice"? Are they not our neighbors? What other class of people can be killed without consequences because someone chooses to do so?

We are way past the specious arguments of days past that these children are not human persons. We regularly operate on them in the womb; we prosecute criminals who in the course of the commission of another crime take their life. We all know what we are doing! That is what makes it all the more evil. The veneer of "rights talk" surrounding legal abortion has been exposed for what it is, a lie.

Congressman Chris Smith, the stalwart defender of human rights and protector of children, has heroically stepped up once again to defend children whose voice cannot be heard because it is muffled by the walls of the womb. He deserves our prayer, our support and our Catholic Action. We cannot - we must not- sit idly by on the sidelines. It is time to ignite a New Catholic Action.   Support Chris Smith and the 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act'

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