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A Girl Named Guadalupe

Una niña llamada Guadalupe

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director of Priests for Life

July 30, 2007

I recently received a letter from my young friend, Guadalupe. I first met her only a couple of months after she was conceived. Her mom Helene was in the waiting room of an abortion mill in Orlando, Florida, and Guadalupe was about to become one of the 4000 children who are put to death each day in America by abortion.

This was Helene’s third child, and though she did not want an abortion, her boyfriend and her friends told her she could not keep the baby. (This is par for the course for how “freedom of choice” is exercised in regard to abortion.) When she walked into the abortion mill on November 12, 1994, the sidewalk counselors approached her, but she was not persuaded.

She describes, however, what happened while sitting in the waiting room. “Suddenly, I felt like I had to look out the window. I thought about the offer of help that the pro-lifers were making. I saw the priest out there, too, and it made me think. I finally asked myself, ‘What am I doing in here? I have to get out!’ I came out and went over to the pro-lifers

and accepted their offer of help. I felt so sorry for having even gone inside!

Helene said that once she came out, sidewalk counselor Caroline Routson was like an angel, helping her get the assistance she needed. Helene and I talked and I told her that the main thing to think about now was how to be a good mother.

On August 6, 1995, I baptized baby Guadalupe before a full Sunday Mass congregation. Rev. Ed Martin of Rescue America, who was also present at the abortion mill, said, "It's important to emphasize why Helene came out of the abortion mill. It was because someone was there to help."

Thank God, these “saves” happen continuously. But we usually don’t get letters from those who were saved. Guadalupe wrote this one, however, so that she could thank us all.

Dear Fr. Frank and Priests for Life:

I wanted to say thank you for all you have done. Because of Fr. Frank and Priest for Life for coming to Florida, they were able to save my Mom’s life and mine. I feel that I'm glad you were there, because if you were not there I probably would have been aborted. Now I'm here in Poinciana living great and I wanted to say thank you! And that’s why I wanted to add we need more priests out in every abortion clinic and on Television. Also we need more priests in action, and ready to save babies at an abortion clinic. So if you get up and do something about these women who don't want to do this but thinks she does. There are millions of babies killed by abortions. We should do some thing about abortions!


Guadalupe Aurora Lovera



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