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June 2018

Priests for Life has exactly what we need to
protect babies from being ripped apart

limb from limb in abortions.


I’ve written you this letter to enlist your immediate support – both spiritually with your prayers and financially with your dollars – for a major new offensive Priests for Life is about to launch.

Once the Democrats in the Senate turned their backs (again) on our defenseless unborn brothers and sisters I realized that Priests for Life had to do more than just feed scientific facts and spiritual guidance to our lawmakers. 

What those 46 pro-abortion extremists in the Senate did violates Christian teaching on the sanctity of human life, the principles on which America was founded, the duties of public service, the tenets of civilized society, and the requirements of what it means to be a human being.

No human being – much less an elected representative of the people … like those 46 senators – has the right to deliberately take the life of another person.

In a moment I’m going to tell you exactly what steps Priests for Life is taking to convince enough lawmakers that it is time to end the atrocity of abortion.

Before I do, however, due to the critical need for you to take ownership of this Priests for Life project I want you to begin now to prayerfully consider helping us fund this initiative with a gift of as much as you can donate today.

Don’t make your decision on how best to help just yet. Take a few minutes to read the rest of my letter so you will know exactly what it is that you’ll be helping make happen with your pro-life dollars. 

Let me begin by reminding you of what it took to get a federal ban on that horrific abortion procedure called “partial birth” abortion.  Remember? It took almost ten years to achieve that goal. Over those ten years Priests for Life helped keep constant pressure on lawmakers while at the same time went to work educating Americans on just exactly what took place in one of these “partial-birth” abortions.

One of the key educational components was a series of illustrations that SHOWED people exactly how the abortionist killed the unborn child. People were shocked! They couldn’t believe that such a thing could happen here in “civilized” America. 

And once they did they put up such a hue and cry that Congress passed a law banning the horrific procedure and President Bush signed it into law. That happened in 2003 and was the first time Congress passed a bill restricting an abortion procedure since the Supreme Court legalized abortion-on-demand in its 1973 Roe v Wade decision.

Well, there is another type of abortion procedure that is just as brutal and inhumane as that “partial birth abortion” procedure. 

I am referring to DISMEMBERMENT abortion.

It is called dismemberment abortion because the abortionist literally rips the child limb from limb … or “dismembers” the child. Using powerful vice-like clamps he grabs hold of the baby’s legs and the arms are rips them from her body. And then crushes her head.

This is the most common type of abortion in the second trimester.

And in every single one of these procedures, the child in the womb is literally torn limb from limb and undergoes excruciating pain! 

These gruesome abortions are performed in the fourth, fifth and six months of pregnancy! Many people have no idea abortion is even legal after the first trimester, but it is. In fact, it happens legally throughout pregnancy!

I’ve produced a short video giving a detailed and medically accurate description of exactly what takes place in one of these dismemberment abortions.  I even share the court testimony from abortionist Warren Haskell in order to demonstrate that what I describe is NOT “religious claptrap” but taken directly from medical testimony.

Once you’ve finished reading my letter you can click here to watch the 3-minute video.

But first I want you to focus on how you can work with Priests for Life to make sure our fellow Americans AND our lawmakers know precisely what it is they’re allowing abortionists to do to defenseless members of our human family when they say they support a woman’s “right to choose.” 

Let’s make sure they understand how the false “right to choose” empowers an abortionist to literally rip a child limb from limb. 

To succeed Priests for Life has a two-pronged offensive: 

  1. With members of Congress … and in particular those in the U.S. Senate.
  2. With our fellow citizens … and in particular those who live in the states of a senator who voted against the “Pain Capable” bill this past January and is up for re-election this November.

The purpose of the first offensive is simply this: To SHAME these pro-abortion fanatics into doing what’s right for themselves, for these children, for our nation and for humanity. To do this Priests for Life has posted on the Priests for Life website the names of all 46 senators – including the 14 “Catholics” among them – who kept the Senate from passing the “Pain Capable Act” and thus allowing abortionists to go on tearing unborn children apart limb from limb. 

I encourage you to go to the Priests for Life website and look at the list of senators who do not know the difference between serving the public and killing the public. If one of your senators is on that list, contact him or her. Demand that he explain how he can allow abortionists to rip defenseless babies to pieces. Challenge him when he tries to hide behind a false “right to choose” argument by telling him that no one has the right to rip a baby apart for any reason.

And let him know in no uncertain terms that since he is unwilling to protect the most vulnerable among us, you cannot trust him to protect you and so you will do everything in your power to remove him from his seat in the Senate when he comes up for re-election.

At the same time Priests for Life is going on the offensive with our fellow Americans. We are making MEDICAL ILLUSTRATIONS and scientifically sound VIDEOS public so people know exactly what takes place in a DISMEMBERMENT abortion. I already told you how you can watch my video. 

Click here to look at the illustrations Priests for Life wants to send lawmakers and citizens.

I am convinced that just as it was illustrations and videos that proved so effective in getting a ban on the so-called “partial birth abortion” procedure, so it can be Priests for Life’s videos and illustrations that will get a ban on these horrific dismemberment abortion procedures.

Our goal is to have so many people see our Priests for Life videos and illustrations that they raise an outcry that their lawmakers cannot ignore – including the majority of the 46 senators who kept the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” from becoming law.

And in addition to that bill, we can pass the “Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act” that Congressman Chris Smith has introduced in the House of Representatives. Both of these bills were crafted by our friends at the National Right to Life Committee, with whom we work closely.

It’s time for Congress to pass both these reasonable bills. After all, there are only SEVEN countries in the entire world that allow this barbaric way of killing babies to be legal. China and North Korea are two of them.

And shamefully, the United States of America is a third. 

We succeeded in protecting children from the “partial birth abortion” procedure. And we can protect them from dismemberment abortion procedures as well.

And surveys continue to show that roughly two out of three Americans support laws that ban late-term abortions … the kind I’m describing to you in this letter.

As you can see, the fire needed to ban this horrific procedure has been lit. Priests for Life is ready to stoke that fire and we have the means to do it, namely, our VIDEO – which close to half a million people have watched – and the medically accurate ILLUSTRATIONS of a dismemberment abortion that we have posted on our website. What we need now are your dollars so we can:

  • Gather more sworn testimony from abortionists who’ve killed thousands of babies by dismemberment, and from women who have had the procedure
  • Document all available research on the intense pain children feel as they are torn limb from limb during a dismemberment abortion.
  • Get the facts about dismemberment abortions to our fellow Americans:
  1. Print and mail illustrations to people in their homes.
  2. Purchase time on radio and TV where we will both SHOW and TELL our fellow Americans the terrible truth about dismemberment abortions.
  3. Run space ads in print media.

Printing up the illustrations is going to be especially costly. That’s because of the contract we have the medical research firm that produced the illustrations for Priests for Life. Once we exceed a certain number of printed illustrations Priests for Life has to enter into a new agreement. 

Added to everything else Priests for Life is going to do, the total cost for this initiative could go as high as $1.2 million, which is why I’m asking you to help fund the project with your very best gift today.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to send Priests for Life that gift. Because just as the truth about “partial birth abortion” – illustrations, medical facts, doctor testimonies – so shocked the American public that the procedure was banned ...

... so the truth about what happens to children in a dismemberment abortion can help us protect them from this barbaric and inhumane procedure!

If you and the Priests for Life family will take ownership of this project through your prayers and financial support, then I firmly believe that we can do this. All it will take is commitment and perseverance. Both of which I know you have in abundance, which is why I’m confident that I will be hearing from you in the next few days.

And know that just as you will keep the success of this project in your prayers, so I will keep you in mine, most especially each time I offer Mass. Thank you again and may God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life

PS  Just so you know, when the Guttmacher Institute – originally a research arm of Planned Parenthood – released its reaction to the Supreme Court’s 2007 ruling that upheld the ban on “partial birth abortion” it included a statement in which it noted that those who wanted to keep “partial birth abortion” legal argued that the Court’s ruling “could be interpreted to ban the most common abortion procedure performed throughout the second trimester (dilation and evacuation, or D&E).” Well, maybe that’s because they’re both barbaric! Which is why I hold out so much hope for our campaign to stop dismemberment abortions! When our fellow Americans learned the truth about “partial birth abortion” they rose up and demanded that Congress put an end to the inhumane procedure.

And I’m confident that once they learn the truth about dismemberment abortions, they’ll rise up and demand an end to this form of killing, too. 




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