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March 2018


A major obstacle to our winning victory over abortion is the Catholic vote. 

Every election millions of Catholics fail to vote in accordance with Church teaching.  In 2016, for example, 45% (according to most data) of Catholic voters cast their ballot for the candidate who unapologetically supported abortion-on-demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy and diametrically opposed Church teaching on several vital issues. 

Knowing that, Priests for Life has published a brochure entitled:

“Voting with a Clear Conscience”

You can click here to read our brochure.  When you do, you’ll see why I’m confident that this may well be the most powerful weapon you can use in your fight to help save America for your children and grandchildren. 

Specifically you can:

1. Click here and order as many copies as you can of “Voting with a Clear Conscience.”  Pass them out at your parish and in your neighborhood. 

2. CLICK HERE and make a donation to Priests for Life that we can use to print and distribute TEN MILLION “Voting with a Clear Conscience” brochures to Catholics all across the country in time to make a difference in this November’s national and state elections.

I’m urging you to do this because this November is critical if America is to turn from the evil of abortion and restore every American’s fundamental and God-given RIGHT TO LIFE!  And Catholics will once again play a key role in the outcomes of this year’s elections.  And because we will, it’s important we show up in droves at the polls to vote on November 6.

That’s because VOTING is the best way for you – and all faithful Catholics – to take part in the Church’s work of promoting and building a Culture of Life here in the United States and ending our nation’s abortion holocaust.

On most public policy issues – whether the economy, health care, war, the Middle East, immigration … and so forth – there can be many different policy proposals that satisfy Catholic moral teaching.  In other words, good Catholics can disagree on the details.

But when it comes to ABORTION, there is only ONE RIGHT POSITION.  Good Catholics cannot disagree on this.  There is only one true Catholic position; namely, that the unborn are to be protected.

And it’s up to us faithful, pro-life Catholics to make sure our fellow Catholics – especially those Catholics who are ready to abandon long-held political allegiances – know the truth about what the Church actually teaches on non-negotiable issues like abortion and marriage. 

What we have got to do in the short time left before this November’s historic mid-term elections is to convince millions of faithful, practicing Catholics to ... 

Take their Catholic values – and especially their pro-life principles – with them when they go into the voting booth on November 6!

To help make that happen, Priests for Life has launched a campaign to get TEN MILLION copies of our “Voting With a Clear Conscience” brochure into the hands of Catholics before November 6.

If we succeed in doing that then I am convinced that we can sustain the pro-life political momentum that we helped create following the 2016 election.  I say that because “Voting With a Clear Conscience” lays out the TEN STEPS every Catholic needs to follow in order to stay in union with the Church’s clear teaching that the fundamental human right is the RIGHT TO LIFE.

Our easy-to-read brochure:

  1. Explains the Catholic citizen’s moral obligation to vote and take an active role in the country’s political process.
  2. Stresses the importance of: (1) Knowing every candidate’s position, (2) Rejecting those who disqualify themselves from public office, and (3) Weighing the various issues confronting the nation.
  3. Encourages every Catholic to STAY FOCUSED ON CHRIST, rather than on any one politician or a particular political party.
  4. And urges Catholics to support the campaigns of good and well-qualified candidates.

Not only that, but to make it clear that “Voting with a Clear Conscience” contains solid teaching, we make clear references to various official documents of Church teaching.  In short, it does everything a good voter’s guide should do.

But … it is useless if it doesn’t get widespread distribution.

And that’s where you come in!

Priests for Life desperately needs you to do TWO THINGS to help us put copies of “Voting with a Clear Conscience” in the hands of TEN MILLION Catholics between now and Election Day 2018:

1.Click here and ORDER as many copies of “Voting with a Clear Conscience” as you can and pass them out at your parish, where you work and to Catholics in your neighborhood.

2.Click here and make a CONTRIBUTION so that Priests for Life can print and distribute TEN MILLION “Voting with a Clear Conscience” brochures to Catholics all across the country in time to make a difference in this November’s national and state elections.

It costs Priests for Life $20 for every batch of 100 “Voting with a Clear Conscience” brochures we print, package and mail.  And since our goal is to print and deliver TEN MILLION copies of “Voting with a Clear Conscience” the total cost will be upwards of $2,000,000.

That’s a huge amount.  And Priests for Life doesn’t have even close to that much money.

Which is why I’ve written you this urgent letter and am hoping you will reply with a contribution today!

If we can get just 1,000,000 Catholics to vote in line with the Church, that should be enough to sustain the pro-life momentum we helped create two years ago.

So please take a moment RIGHT NOW to make a donation to Priests for Life for as much as you possibly can. 

November 6 will be here before you know it.  We have no time to waste.

And please don’t make the mistake of thinking you can't make a difference or, worse, that “someone else” will help.  Our nation is in the mess it is because too many good people left the battle to “someone else.”

Today you are that “someone else” and you most assuredly can make a difference!

But to do so you must act now.  Please. 

And know that in heartfelt appreciation for your choosing to take ownership of Priests for Life’s “Voting with a Clear Conscience” Campaign, I will remember you at every Mass I offer; as will all the priests of Priests for Life.

Thank you for doing this today and may God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

P.S. We must reach America’s faithful, pro-life Catholics this election year.  The future of America is on the line and Catholics can make the difference ... but only if they understand how Catholics ought to vote.  Voting with a Clear Conscience will teach them!  Think of it:  Our brochure could very well be the deciding factor in countless political races.  Which means you have a real chance to influence the course America takes.



NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and send it to us at PO Box 236695, Cocoa, FL 32923.  If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 888-735-3448.

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