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“In our present times there is an urgent need to promote a culture of life and also to undertake direct actions that help protect the life of the weakest, especially the unborn. For that reason the work done by ‘Priests for Life’ deserves the gratitude and support of the whole Church.”

- Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President, Pontifical Council for the Laity, Vatican City State, June 7, 2011.

Dear Friends,

Priests for Life is on the front lines of the effort to end abortion, and to energize the Church at all levels in this task. Our financial support comes entirely from people like you!  We do not receive monetary support from diocesan or national Church structures.

I need your help today, and so do the unborn. Thank you in advance.

Fr. Frank Pavone, MEV

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

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God bless you for your kindness!  

August 8, 2014

Emergency Campaign

Dear Friends,

I need your help.  In fact, it’s critical that you respond to this letter within the next 30 seconds.

What I need you to do is CLICK HERE right now and make a $42.57 contribution to Priests for Life.

Here’s why I’m hoping you will do this.

You and Priests for Life have a special role to play in the fight to


for future generations!  And because you do, it’s vital that you make sure your work continues uninterrupted!


Due in large measure to the terrible economy and the fears people have about the coming impact of ObamaCare, contributions to Priests for Life in the first half of 2014 are DOWN 11% compared with last year!  In actual dollars, that comes to a loss of $425,782. 

Complicating matters is the fact that we’re suffering through a severe drop in donations this summer.  And while this happens every summer, this year is worse than ever.

This two-fold financial hit has put a terrible strain on all of Priests for Life’s work. 

And this at the very moment when our nation stands on the brink of total destruction.

You have a special role to play in the fight to save America.  That’s because, unlike so many of your fellow Americans, you recognize that abortion is the root cause of all of our nation’s current problems.  I’m sure that’s why you have chosen to partner with Priests for Life to end our nation’s abortion holocaust.  As I’ve communicated with you on several occasions:

Abortion corrupts our entire society and retards progress on all the other issues that concern Americans ... including the economy, health care, immigration … EVERYTHING!

It does so because the RIGHT TO LIFE is the FUNDAMENTAL human right. 

So when a nation is wrong on abortion, it follows that it will get everything else wrong. 

And that is being borne out here in the United States.  The economy is in shambles.  There is a real crisis on our southern border. Our foreign policy has allowed terrorists to run rampant in the Middle East.  And on and on and on.   

These disasters will continue for as long as abortion-on-demand is the law of the land.

That’s why your heroic efforts to end legalized abortion-on-demand and your $42.57 gift to Priests for Life are so critically important. 

Don’t let pro-abortion extremists destroy our nation for future generations of Americans!

Continue to stand with Priests for Life and FIGHT!


I'm counting on you to help today because I am absolutely convinced that these next three months – from now until Election Day on November 4 – will determine the future of America; and if our country even has a future.

If you and Priests for Life are to lead our nation out of the wilderness and restore the moral foundation which made America free and prosperous, then it’s crucial that you do whatever is necessary to keep Priests for Life fully funded and our projects moving forward uninterrupted.

Thanks to the generous support you’ve given Priests for Life ever since you joined our ranks, we’ve been able to press forward with our preaching and our work without any let up whatsoever. 

This year has been no exception, especially since 2014 is a make or break year for the country.

Unfortunately donations to Priests for Life have all but dried up during June and July.  This has resulted in that loss of $425,782 that I told you about. 

Our situation is now so dire that if Priests for Life doesn’t make up that lost income in the next 30 days, I may be forced to cut back on work that is essential to the long-term survival of America.  That work includes vital projects I’ve been telling you about this year:

→Our 2014 Election Campaign to MOBILIZE TEN MILLION Catholics to VOTE PRO-LIFE on November 4.  Elements of this massive nationwide effort include:

  • Special “Defending Life” programs that EWTN will broadcast into the homes of millions of Americans in the weeks leading up to the election. 
  • Common sense legal guidance for every parish in the country so pastors and priests are clear on all that they can do and say about abortion during the election season.
  • Helping organize nationwide parish “Voter Registration” drives.
  • Assisting with vital “Get Out the Vote” campaigns throughout the nation.
  • Printing and distributing millions of “Voting with a Clear Conscience” brochures.

→Our LAWSUIT against the Obama Administration’s tyrannical HHS mandate.  It is all but certain that our lawsuit will go to the Supreme Court.  But our Legal Fund is all but drained of dollars and needs an immediate infusion of contributions so that we can protect and defend your First Amendment right to religious freedom.  Don’t be fooled into thinking the Court’s Hobby Lobby decision is the end of the matter.  It isn’t.  Not by a long shot.

→Cardinal O’Connor Institute.  I just wrote and told you all about this new program.  Given a chance, the Institute can set America’s clergy on fire to lead the People of Life to victory over abortion.  But in order to do so, it must be fully funded.

→Sending our priests and Pastoral Associates all over the country to preach the Gospel of Life and energize pro-life activists as only Priests for Life can.  But these mission trips are in jeopardy due to the high costs of travel.

→All of Priests for Life’s “Outreach” programs:

  • Youth Outreach under the direction of Bryan Kemper
  • Hispanic Outreach under the direction of Fr. Victor Salomón
  • African-American Outreach under the direction of Dr. Alveda King

And this doesn’t include what many – including Pope Francis – consider one of Priests for Life’s most important activities, namely all that we do through Rachel’s Vineyard and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign to bring healing to those ravaged by abortion.

All of these important projects are in jeopardy.

That’s because each and every one of them costs money.  Lots of money. 

But Priests for Life has no means to fund any of them ourselves. And we receive no financial support from any official Church entity, even though bishops here in the U.S. and around the world wholeheartedly support our work.

As a result, our programs and projects don’t happen unless YOU and pro-life warriors like you recognize their crucial importance to America’s future and choose to support them.

Which is exactly what I’m hoping you will CLICK HERE and send Priests for Life a gift for $42.57.

Your gift equals 1/100 of 1% of our $425,782 shortfall.

And while that may not sound like much, the simple fact of the matter is this:

If you will help today – before you go on to another webpage – then you will be responsible for unleashing all the might and power of this pro-life ministry to save America for future generations!

So please CLICK HERE right now and do all you can to help. 

And as you prayerfully ponder your decision, keep in mind what I told you at the beginning of my letter:

Abortion corrupts our entire society and retards progress on all the other issues that concern Americans ... including the economy, health care, immigration … EVERYTHING!

On that note I’ll close this urgent and heartfelt appeal for help. 

Based on your generous giving history with Priests for Life, I know you will do all you can at this critical moment.  Which is why I remember you at each Mass I offer, as do all the priests of Priests for Life.  God bless you my friend and fellow pro-life warrior.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries

Continue to proclaim this TRUTH and help SAVE AMERICA for future generations:

The RIGHT TO LIFE is the FUNDAMENTAL human right!


P.S. I know that by asking you to make a $42.57 gift right now I’m placing a heavy burden on your shoulders.  Believe me when I tell you that were this not such a critical time for our nation, I would not dare ask you to do this.  But the fact of the matter is that we have but three short months to save America. 

That being the case, if at all possible, when you CLICK HERE, give MORE than the $42.57 gift I’m asking of you.

I’m asking you to consider doing this because I’m sure there are many of your fellow Priests for Life members who want to help but simply may not be able to at this time.  If you could dig a little deeper and make up for one or two of them, that could make all the difference in the world as we go forth to lead the People of Life to victory over abortion and to the dawn of a new day in America. 

And if you find you cannot give $42.57 right now, then just give what you can. 

Thank you again and may God richly bless you for your constant service to His innocent unborn children; our unborn brothers and sisters.

Priests for Life
PO Box 141172 • Staten Island, NY 10314
Tel. 888-735-3448, (718) 980-4400 • Fax 718-980-6515