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“In our present times there is an urgent need to promote a culture of life and also to undertake direct actions that help protect the life of the weakest, especially the unborn. For that reason the work done by ‘Priests for Life’ deserves the gratitude and support of the whole Church.”

- Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President, Pontifical Council for the Laity, Vatican City State, June 7, 2011.

Dear Friends,

Priests for Life is on the front lines of the effort to end abortion, and to energize the Church at all levels in this task. Our financial support comes entirely from people like you!  We do not receive monetary support from diocesan or national Church structures.

I need your help today, and so do the unborn. Thank you in advance.

Fr. Frank Pavone, MEV

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Letter of endorsement from Judge William Clark who served under President Ronald Reagan

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God bless you for your kindness!  

June 30, 2015

Dear Friends,

I have written you this urgent letter for one simple reason.

The news out of Washington, D.C. is both good and bad. The good news is what Congress did to protect our unborn brothers and sisters. The bad news is how the legal system is threatening to destroy the pro-life movement.

In a moment I’ll explain how. Before I do …

… it’s critically important that you make a special “Summer Pledge” so that Priests for Life can carry on our legal challenge to the HHS mandate and sustain the pro-life momentum you’ve done so much to help us build throughout the financially dry summer months!

I cannot over-emphasize the critical importance of your continued financial support throughout the summer.

Summer is the time when so many of our donors – you included I suspect – take a well-deserved and much-needed break from the rigors of daily life, including your stalwart efforts on the front lines of the battle to end abortion. I know you need a break. And I’m glad you take one.

For our part here at Priests for Life headquarters, we are committed to remaining at our posts and carrying on the fight without any let up. We do so for three reasons:

Because there can be no rest when upwards of 3,000 babies are being killed every day in abortion mills.

Because this is what God has called us to do. And …

Because those who promote the killing of babies never take a vacation.

That said, the priests and Pastoral Associates here at Priests for Life will be on full-alert throughout the summer. But we desperately need your financial support so we can carry on our work, whether here at Priests for Life headquarters meeting the needs of the pro-life movement, or on the road preaching the Gospel of Life and energizing pro-life activists to stay the course.

And that brings me to the “good news / bad news” that I have to tell you.

First, the good news: The U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”. This bill is a life-saving measure for thousands of children who can feel pain and would feel it severely if dismembered by abortion. Without a doubt this is the most significant piece of pro-life legislation ever to be passed at the federal level. And it is the next chapter in our ongoing battle to end ALL abortion.

You and the entire Priests for Life family played a vital role in making this happen.

But the worst thing we can do for our unborn brothers and sisters right now would be to think the fight to end abortion is over and we can now sit back and rest on our laurels.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

And the bad news I have for you proves that.

As I told you in a prior letter, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has decreed that Priests for Life must abide by the tyrannical HHS mandate and take a direct role in expanding abortion and subjecting defenseless children to a horrific death.

Since Priests for Life will NEVER comply with or submit to such an order, we’re preparing to file an appeal of the ruling to the Supreme Court.

But we only have 90 days to file that appeal.

And in order to file that appeal – as well as to then do all the legal work necessary to argue our case before the Court – we have to replenish the Priests for Life “Legal Fund.”

That’s why I’ve written you this urgent letter.

Your financial help is critically needed from now until Labor Day so that Priests for Life can:

Take our lawsuit against the HHS mandate to the Supreme Court. As I just told you, we only have 90 days in which to file our appeal. And since we’re up against the power and might of the federal government, we need your financial help. The Priests for Life “Legal Fund” needs an immediate infusion of at least $100,000 so we can protect both religious freedom and the pro-life movement.

Sustain our work with Congress. Now that the House has passed the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” we’ve got to do a full court press with members of the Senate and make sure they do so as well.

Conduct our pro-life parish missions. These pick up during the summer when we volunteer to man parishes while priests and pastors take vacations. It’s our busiest and most important time of the year.

Organize a special Pro-life Event. Priests for Life has been asked to host this event during the Vatican's upcoming World Meeting of Families. Since abortion remains the single greatest threat to the family, it is critically important that we provide pro-family leaders with the resources they need to fight abortion.

Do more pro-life training of priests and deacons. This is one of our most important projects. Priests for Life is the ONLY organization in the country with the experience and resources needed to train clergy to be dynamic preachers of the Gospel of Life. For every priest we train, a THOUSAND people become actively engaged in the pro-life movement.

Carry out our “Stand True” Summer Mission. Seven young pro-life missionaries will join Bryan Kemper – Director of Priests for Life’s Youth Outreach – and conduct pro-life events that will bring more young people into the movement.

Persevere in our vital post-abortion healing work. This is extremely important. It is work that the Holy Father himself has encouraged Priests for Life to “go forward with.” Through Rachel's Vineyard and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, we reach out to women – and men! – who’ve been damaged by abortion and give them the opportunity to experience God’s healing and forgiveness.

Those are EIGHT WAYS in which you fulfill your pro-life vocation through your partnership with Priests for Life.

And that’s only a small sample of the work your dollars will help fund this summer.

Our work together has helped accomplish a great deal, not only this year, but for several years running:

  • Since 2008 we’ve witnessed an 8% DECREASE in the number of abortions.

  • In raw numbers, that’s over 200,000 lives saved … every year!

  • The number of abortionists and abortion mills is in DECLINE!

  • What’s more 89% of all U.S. counties are ABORTION-FREE counties!

  • 60% of Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong!

  • 84% want significant restrictions on abortion.

  • 64% oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.

That’s progress, pure and simple. Progress we have got to sustain and expand on. But the Appeals Court ruling puts all that work – indeed, the entire pro-life movement – in jeopardy.

Which brings me back to your much-needed Summer Pledge.

It will take roughly $1,950,000 to fund all of the work I just listed for you.

And every penny of that amount will come from you and your fellow Priests for Life family members because we receive no funds from any official Church entity ... neither from Rome nor here in the United States. And that in spite of the fact that many at the Vatican – including Pope Francis himself – as well as Bishops around the world and here in the U.S. wholeheartedly endorse our Priests for Life ministry.

When all is said and done, it is YOU and dedicated pro-life champions like you who make our work possible. You fulfill your pro-life vocation through your partnership with Priests for Life.

Which is why I’m counting on you to make a “Summer Pledge” today.

Simply put, we need your help for two vital reasons. First, to cement the successes we’ve accomplished thus far in 2015 and build on them. And second, so we appeal to the Supreme Court and win legal protection for Priests for Life – as well as you, all believers and all pro-life activists – from being forced to take part in the government’s immoral and unjust expansion of abortion through ObamaCare and the HHS mandate.

Ideally, I’d like to raise our entire summer budget in the next thirty days. All $1,950,000 of it. But since that’s not likely to happen given the time of year and the woeful state of the economy, I’ve broken our summer budget into three manageable amounts:

$650,000 now for June.
Another $650,000 for July.
And the remaining $650,000 by the second week of August.

In order to meet those monthly budget goals I need you to make a Summer Pledge today!

Here is a list of the Pledge amounts that will enable Priests for Life to raise our entire summer budget:

1 person to Pledge $100,000 = $100,000

3 friends to Pledge $50,000 each = 150,000

6 people to Pledge $25,000 each = 150,000

20 partners to Pledge $10,000 each = 200,000

40 co-workers to Pledge $5,000 each = 200,000

300 individuals to Pledge $1,000 each = 300,000

500 supporters to Pledge $500 each = 250,000

1,000 associates to Pledge $250 each = 250,000

2,000 members to Pledge $100 each = 200,000

4,000 comrades to Pledge $50 each = 200,000

That’s a total of 7,870 friends and supporters Pledging $2,000,000 to Priests for Life

Prayerfully consider making one of those Pledge amounts and make it a tangible sign of your deep commitment to the mission of ending America’s abortion holocaust.

All I ask of you is that you be:

(1)As generous as you always have been. And ...

(2)That you do this right now, before you go on to your next email.

Thank you helping.

I know it will entail sacrifice on your part. And because it will – and in heartfelt appreciation for your partnership with Priests for Life and your commitment to the pro-life cause – I will remember you at every Mass I offer; as will all the priests of Priests for Life.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father Frank, National Director
Priests for Life

P.S. If there is any chance that you can send your entire “Summer Pledge” today that would be a singular blessing. I didn’t mention this in the work I listed above, but we have brought a new priest on board: Fr. Stephen Imbarrato. Having worked with Father Steve, I can assure you of this: He has such an infectious dynamism about him that he will bring a great catch of new pro-life activists into our movement. A portion of your “Summer Pledge” dollars will be used to get Fr. Imbarrato ON THE ROAD, training his brother priests and bringing new recruits into the fight to end abortion.



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