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On the weekend of January 5-6, 2008, Fr. Frank Pavone preached in Catholic and Lutheran Churches in
Stamford, Connecticut and White Plains, New York.

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January 5: Fr Frank's talk at St. Mathew Lutheran Church, White Plains, NY [listen]

January 6: Fr. Frank's talk at Theology on Tap at St. John Church, Stamford, CT [listen]

January 5-6: Fr. Frank's Epiphany Homilies at St. Bridget, Stamford, CT [listen to homily 1]; [listen to homily 2]
 [listen to homily 3]


Fr. Frank delivers a pro-life address at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, White Plains, NY on January 5.

Elizabeth Rex, who promotes the “Choose Life” license plates, came with her children to hear Fr. Frank at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in White Plains.

Rev. Eric Mathsen, Pastor of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in White Plains, welcomed Fr. Frank with enthusiasm for a pro-life talk on January 5.
Fr. Frank is joined by Msgr. Thaddeus Malanowski. Both priests were on the very short visitor’s list for Terri Schiavo and spoke about Terri at Theology on Tap at St. John’s in Stamford, CT on January 6.

Fr. Frank joins the Magi at St. Bridget’s Church in Stamford, CT where he preached at all the Masses on the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 2008.
The Santiago Family came to "Theology on Tap" to listen to Fr. Frank.

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