Welcome to the John Cardinal O'Connor International Headquarters of Priests For Life, in Staten Island, NY!  Come and take a tour with us...


Welcome to Priests For Life

Our front entrance

This Cross was given to us by an anonymous donor. The interior has been etched with a laser to depict Christ on the Cross

This statue of our Lady was given to us by Father Capoverdi, one of our Priest Associates. It sits in the front lobby next to the flag of the Holy See

Various pictures of meetings we have had with leaders around the world hang on the wall for visitors to see

Letter sent by Mother Teresa to Father Pavone, thanking him for his visit with her in Calcutta, and for all the work that Priests For Life does for the unborn

A small Miraculous Medal that Mother Teresa sent along with the letter

The foyer in the front lobby

Pope John Paul II

Cardinal John O'Connor, who ordained Fr. Pavone and permitted him to lead Priests for Life

The reception desk

Our building was named after Cardinal O'Connor and dedicated by Cardinal Renato Martino, President of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Priest Associates of Priests For Life

More photos from our trips

El Divino Nino Jesus - The Divine Child Jesus. This statue is a small replica of the large statue in the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL

Statue of our Lady with the infant Jesus, sent to us by an anonymous donor

Terri and Lisa, our two main receptionists

One of many hallways in the office

The travel department makes arrangement for our priests and pastoral associates

The Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor

Seth prepares a trip with local coordinators from different states

We're on the air all over the world, from our little studio at Priests For Life

Janet Morana tapes one of her many interviews

Shelves of equipment in the radio studio

Our filing room

More of our files, which catalog every pro-life organization and project across the country

The room of the Office Manager, Terri

Terri's desk

An icon of Christ with several of His apostles. Various icons are found in our office, representing the Eastern Churches

The downstairs conference room

Several of our many recordings of the Gospel of Life and Defending Life shows

Over the years, Father Pavone has received many prolife awards from universities, government leaders, and prolife organizations

More of these awards

A Blessing from Pope John Paul II given in 2003 to Father Pavone on the 15th Anniversary of his Priestly Ordination, and the 10th Anniversary of his position as National Director of Priests For Life

Janet Morana's office (one of the next four pictures)

Top to Bottom: The San Damiano Cross, El Divino Nino Jesus, and the Tau Cross of Saint Francis

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests For Life

Father Pavone with a few of his numerous files and documents on abortion and euthanasia

Father Pavone with the Priests For Life mascot, Oreo


He's always in trouble whenever we're gone

A poster outside Janet's office of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Hallway to the lobby

Father Pavone blesses a truck of the "Reproductive Choice Campaign," showing the reality of abortion

Even unborn sea turtles have more rights than the babies in the womb!

Father Pavone with the Founder of Priests For Life, Father Lee Kaylor

Father Denis Wilde, one of our veteran Priests For Life, plays the piano at the Villanova University Chapel, where he taught music for over twenty years

Archbishop Fulton Sheen comments on the doubting of Saint Peter as he sank in the water

The first of two design boards for television advertisements on the severe effects of abortion

The second of two television advertisements on abortion

This is one of two rooms for the Correspondence Department

One of two rooms for the Gift Processing Department

The desk of Father Quinn, Priest Associate of Priests For Life

Father Quinn received a Blessing from the Holy Father on the 40th Anniversary of his Priestly Ordination, June 3, 2001

This icon is for the Sanctity of Life Sunday

The second room of the Gift Processing Department

The Gift Processing Department is hard at work processing donations that are sent to us by our committed supporters

Christine enters donations

Our Lady of Guadalupe watches over the staff

Elisa is due to give birth to her first child at the end of the summer

Marie enters donations

Mary Jean, Department Liaison for the Gift Processing Department

The Orders Department (several pictures to follow)

This is where we keep all of our supplies, including the Action Items listed on Gospel of Life and the Defending Life shows

More of our supplies, including more shelves to fill with new items

Our Lady, Madonna of the Streets, pray for us now, and at the hour of our death

Liz, Orders Department Manager, prepares orders to be shipped across the country

The Cross is always at the front of our work as we fight to protect all life

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas

The workhorse of our daily print jobs

Workstations for our volunteers

Additional desk used by Liz for the processing of orders

We have a Crucifix in every room of the office. Christ guides us in all that we do

More shelves of pro-life information that we ship out all over the country

One of two holding areas for the videos that we produce

More supplies

Office supplies

This is one of two booths that we use for various different events, including the March for Life in Washington, DC

A statue of Christ was donated to us for display in the office

Our Lady of the Visitation

Pope Benedict XVI. His photo is placed at the head of the main conference room

The main conference room

Our Lady of Guadalupe watches over us as we strategically plan the future of Priests For Life

This is where we keep all of the vestments for the Celebration of the Mass

Linda is the Department Liaison for the Data Entry Department

Mike is the Volunteer Coordinator at Priests For Life. We have over 40 volunteers that come regularly

The other half of the Orders department. This is where most of the volunteers come to help us

Boxes and boxes of materials to be sent out

One of several sorting desks for materials

More materials

The upstairs kitchen

Computer equipment

Father Denis Wilde, O.S.A. This image was taken after a concert, as a cover image for his recordings

Father Peter West

"The Blessing" by Lynn Lupetti

Christa, head of Website Design and Development

Our media center. This is where we scan and print our web images

This tower is only part of our large computer network

This is where letters are folded for some of our mailings

Our Lady and her most chaste spouse, Saint Joseph, welcome all who enter into the Chapel

Our Lady, the Ever Virgin Mother of God

Saint Joseph

Our Lady of Guadalupe resides in the Chapel

Our Chapel!

Corpus Christi

The Sacramentary

The Book of the Innocents is placed at the foot of the Altar. It contains names of babies who have been aborted

One wall of the Chapel is lined with the Stations of the Cross

Christ with Mary His Mother, and with the Twelve Apostles

The Chalice, Ciborium, and Paten used for the Sacrifice of the Mass

This is our Resource Library for staff and visitors

We have many books and readings on the faith and pro-life issues

John, one of our Public Outreach Associates, handles phone calls that come to Priests For Life

A portion of the Correspondence Department

Saint Thomas More, a model for public officials

Father Capoverdi, Priest Associate, prepares for his next trip

This is one of our strategic planning rooms

"We Regret Our Abortions" poster

Bishop John Yanta, of Amarillo, Texas, who has established our community, the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

Justin Harper, Intern and Head of Photo and Audio Implementation Department. He assists with the design of "On the Frontlines", and processes all photos that come to us from the public




Priests for Life
PO Box 236695
Cocoa, FL 32923
Tel. 888-PFL-3448, 321-500-1000

Email mail@priestsforlife.org

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