My Sickness

By Martin Najera



Abortion – it has been going on for years

I’ve heard mothers, and for their babies I’ve seen they shed tears

I’ve heard their cries, but also other cries that no one else hears

Of those babies having their lives taken away

And no one stops this

This is happening day after day.


Whoever does an abortion is taking a life

So while others sit down, I stand here ready to fight.

A child that is conceived is not an accident – it is not odd

A child which is conceived is a gift from GOD.


These people say they are helping

They’re not.  They just want the money

they’re all frauds.

They’re murderers at that

Taking something that can’t be given back.


Thou shalt not murder, that is a Commandment

This is what they’re doing, that’s a fact

They kill them; they remove them from the mother’s womb.

Who would do this, I ask you – whom?


It sickens me, really, that is what I have to say

But my sickness is being cured

Because we gather in prayer today

Let the Lord guide us and show us what to do so

Because my Lord and Savior we are here to serve you.




Martin Najera  is a freshman at Holy Cross Catholic Academy and a member of St. Laurence Youth group.  He wrote this poem on the occasion of the Jan. 21 pro-life activities commemorating Roe v Wade and read it at the Ecumenical Prayer Service at Our Lady of Guadalupe.