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Fr. Peter West, Associate Director in Ohio - January 16-18, 2009

Proving once again that Priests for Life’s Pastoral Team is not intimidated by rain, snow, or sub-zero temperatures, Fr. Peter West enjoyed the brisk minus-10 degree air of Bryan, Ohio, during a Pro-Life Parish Weekend at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. 

On Friday night, Fr. West addressed a small but dedicated gathering that was undeterred by northwest Ohio’s snowy roads.  Over the weekend, he spoke at the church’s Masses about abortion, including forgiveness for abortion.  After one Mass, two people came up to Fr. West who vividly illustrated how his message touches lives.  One man, obviously impacted by Fr. West’s words, loudly told him that there were other subjects on which he should have spoken.  While the man was complaining, a woman quietly told Fr. West, “Thank you for the healing.”


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