Dear Friends of Life, Welcome to another edition of Frontlines!

National Right to Life Convention – June 14-16

This year’s National Right to Life Conference’s convention was held in Kansas City, MO from June 14-16. There were well over 1000 attendees and many exhibitors present. For Priests for Life it was an excellent opportunity to network with virtually every pro-life leader from each state organization as well as many diocesan leaders as well. Activity at the PFL booth was very gratifying and over 100 people signed up for our drawing for a flight to next year’s convention in Crystal City, VA. Many of them were new entries in our database. People were eager to take our literature, especially the Lay Associate brochures, and to make donations for a signed version of Father Frank’s book and his new homily CDs. Fr. Frank’s keynote speech as well as his work on discussion panels was very well-received as evidenced by many favorable comments made to those of us who worked the booth. Our seminarians gave out hundreds of Prayer to End Abortion Cards as people left these talks. Many people wanted to speak to our seminarians in order to get more information about the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.

Fr. Frank with conference attendees

Fr. Frank with Senator Sam Brownback

An interviewer with Senator Brownback

Janet Morana with Senator Sam Brownback

Senator Sam Brownback addressing the convention

Fr. Frank with Interviewer

Fr. Frank, Sen. Brownback and Conference attendees

Fr. Frank with a conference attendee

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