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Missionary of the Gospel of Life Promise Ceremony - March 2, 2009

On March 2, 2009, Ten Missionaries of the Gospel of Life from four States make lifetime promises as Missionaries of the Gospel of Life. These promise makers brought the number of professions to 100 and growing! 

The Promise Ceremony, conducted by Fr. Frank Pavone, took place in Irondale, Alabama, at the Eternal Word Television Network Chapel, followed by a reception in Our Lady of Guadalupe Hall.

Jim Pinto with Atlanta MEV: Sybil Lancour, Sheila Palazzo and Judy Waldrop

Fr. Pavone encouraging candidates to be Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

Roy and Rosemary Hatten, MEV with children McKenzie, Anne and Neil

Fr. Frank and Jim Pinto with Promise Makers at a Joy-filled Reception:

Donna Arnson, Sheila Palazzo, Leigh Ann McCombs, Jim Pinto, Cheryl Ciamarra, Fr. Frank, Betty Dipiazza, Astrid Bennett, Sybil Lancour, Roy Hatten, Rosemary Hatten and Lee John Bruno.

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