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Fr. Denis Wilde Supports Pro-Lifers in Mexico

In early August, Fr Wilde greeted strong Mexican pro-life activists outside the Basilica of Guadalupe, where he delivered a Spanish homily on the current efforts of pro-lifers in Mexico to curtail and roll back the recent legislation permitting abortion for a measured period of pregnancy. Father Denis stayed with priests and laity who told stories of babies being saved through the prayers and fasting of Christians. The recently liberalized law pertains only to Mexico City’s Federal District, but it can spread quickly. Pro-abortion groups, supported by US dollars and incentives, are using the same, sorry arguments used a generation ago by abortion promoters whose aim was to create a new feminism defined by “control of her body.” The mantra has outlived its lure and now several generations of American women are rising up from their denial to proclaim the folly of abortion for them, their sisters and brothers, and indeed for any civilization or government treading down that poisonous path. But in Mexico and in other Latin American countries the lure is great, and it represents a twisted status of sorts. Certainly this is a far cry from the solid family ties and the culture of la Guadalupana, the real conqueror of the Aztec blood baths which horrified Cortez and his followers, conquering in the name of Catholic Spain. The Cardinal and other prelates and leaders have been steadfast in condemning the law, and indeed have raised the question of excommunication for any involving themselves in the application of the law through cooperation in abortion. Doctors, especially Catholic ob-gyns have solidified their ranks in resisting abortions. May the blessed Mother of the Americas and of the Preborn come to the aid of her people crying out for a greater life. May the allurement to fashion and frivolity not jeopardize the path to freedom and spiritual wholesomeness. Pray also for the hearts of generosity for those who cannot keep their child, but would generously supply for a childless couple that wants to adopt. The urge to abort if a young girl feels her child is “taken away” is great. It is sometimes seen as a family betrayal to allow one’s child to be paced for adoption. But the financial situation is grave for these unwed moms. The situation is very complex and in dire need of strong state and federal help. Catholic leaders are meeting with the Supreme Court justices to present a cogent, non-religious statement that scientifically defines a human being from the first moment of conception. Meanwhile seminarians and priests are about to commit themselves to a kind of Mexican Missionaries of the Gospel of Life program. God, through his magnificent Mother Mary of Tepeyac is moving in many directions to turn the culture of death to His Gospel of Life. It is essential that we neighbors to the north lend our support to our Mexican neighbors. It is also essential that the Mexican state look after the future children of their Republic, beginning with the assurance of the right to life.


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