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Jim and Joy Pinto in California - January 10-13, 2008

Jim and Joy Pinto ministered the Gospel of Life and Chastity Teaching at 3 High Schools, 1 Mercy Spirituality Fellowship,and a local abortion mill. They also gave witness at Masses at Holy Family Catholic Church in Glendale, CA

Monica Academy, Pasadena, CA
Principal Maggie Grimm, Jim Pinto (center) and Joy Pinto (third from left), with Students.

Jim Pinto with Roxy Laub
Roxy Laub (St. Joseph Catholic High School), originally from Romania, shared her testimony of being lovingly adopted by loving parents.

St. Joseph Catholic HS, Lakewood, CA
The Pintos with students

Fr. Joseph Shea with Jim and Joy Pinto
Fr. Joseph Shea, Pastor of Holy Family Church, and the Pintos at Holy Family High School, Glendale CA. Fr. Shea and his parish, Holy Family, Glendale, sponsored our Priests for Life/Misssionaries of the Gospel of Life mission.

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