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Alveda King Taping "The Vision" - February 2013

Alveda was in Atlanta, GA taping new episodes of The Vision with co-host Day Gardner and guest co-host Janice Fountaine.

Special guests included Ms. Naomi King, Anna McNair, Catherine Davis, Bonnie Willis, Rich Thompson, Marcus Smith, Eddie Beal and Michelle Uchiyama.

Alveda's mom, Naomi on the set

Day Gardner and Ms. Naomi King

Alveda's son, Eddie on the set

The Vision host Alveda King with Michelle Uchiyama and Eddie Beal

Catherine Davis and Marcus Smith with the hosts of The Vision

The Vision host Alveda King with Guest Anna McNair, author of A Mother's Responsibility

Bonnie Willis with the Hosts of The Vision

Rich Thompson with hosts Alveda King, Janice Fountaine, and Day Gardner

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