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Fr. Denis Wilde, O.S.A. in Elkton, MD for the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children - September 13, 2014

Fr Denis Wilde, OSA, PhD, Associate Director of Priests for Life, spent Saturday morning, September 13, 2014 with about 40 local Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania mourners at the gravesite of some 40 unborn babies who were aborted by Dr Stephen Brigham.  The babies (35 weeks) were found in a freezer in Brigham’s Elkton MD clinic.  He would typically start abortion procedure preparations in his NJ clinic and then cleverly conclude them in Maryland where it is (unfortunately) more permissible to operate the late term abortions. See related article.

Then the remains of the babies were rescued and given burial at the Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Elkton.   They would have been, as so many other millions, discarded as trash; here we recognize their human dignity.   The memorial service was organized by Delaware Right to Life and Immaculate Conception Parish.  

This was just one of roughly 100 sites around the country that simultaneously honored these tiniest human beings and recalled their dignity on September 13, now an annual event.  Fr Denis in his remarks during the ceremony alluded to the magnanimous generosity and compassion Father Peter Claver, SJ lavished on the African slaves at the inbound port of Cartagena, Colombia in the 1600s.  Some million slaves were transported to the port over a century. Those who survived One third of these unfortunate human beings died from the stifling conditions crossing the ocean in a sardine-packed galleon.  The survivors would be sent to gold mines in Peru or crop plantations as property.  They were as good as “living machines” for the owner and treated as chattel, but their humanity was met and acknowledged by the Saint and his companions amidst the stench of rotting flesh and ravished live bodies.  Claver reached out and dressed wounds, gave refreshment and food to the deepest recesses of the galleys.  

The law today, as it is stretched to the abominable, has let Brigham off the hook just as the plantation owners and the human cargo pirates were covered by the same “law.”   But God’s law is the only One that matters in the long run.  The pro-life people gathered in Elkton, Sept 13 made it clear that the “short run” too must recognize the humanity of all.   It is imperative that abortion be not just a word that slips under the satanic deception of “choice”  and is anesthetized apart from our senses,  as was the slave trade apart from most who never saw slavery.  We need to show what an abortion looks like,   and just as importantly we need to remind what Pope Francis calls a “throwaway” society that these “throwaways” are human and share the common bond with you and me as “made in the Image and Likeness of God” (Genesis).   Even Dr Seuss got it:  a person’s a person, no matter how small.

So our going – all who revere life – to these places of burial reinforces in our minds and gives witness to others that the tiniest of God’s humans have His own stamp of creativity and uniqueness in each discarded baby.  Let us pray for the conversion of the abortionists as well as the healing of broken hearts from a mother or father’s past abortion as we take their dignity to heart, soul and law.  

Attached are 4 shots of the gathering (Elkton) ,  and the one of the tombstone has a rose for each of the baby victims placed there individually during the ceremony as the names of the children were called as on the tombstone.


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