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Fr. Peter West in New Jersey, January 10-12, 2009

Priests for Life Associate Director Fr. Peter West conducted a Pro-Life Parish Weekend January 10-12 at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Somerville, NJ.  On Friday, Fr. West presented six 40-minute teaching sessions to Immaculata High School students on the life issues facing our culture.  One student said she "liked it, but didn't like it," but that Fr. West "was direct where others beat around the bush" and "said what needed to be said."  Another student added that after Fr. West's presentation, he was "more pro-life than when I woke up this morning."

During the weekend Fr. West offered mass to the high school seniors and preached at six additional masses, including one in Spanish.  He also spoke at an afternoon meeting at the Chapel to approximately 30 parishoners


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