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Priests for Life in Spain - June 2009

Priests for Life was in Madrid, Spain for the Re-Consecration of the country to the Sacred Heart and the start of the 'Year for Priests' on June 26, 2009.

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Cardinal Rouco, Pilar GutiƩrrez and Bob Lalonde

Nuns at Cathedral, Pilar and Bob Lalonde

Pilar, Fr. Serra, Bishop Reig Pla, and Bob Lalonde

Judge Teresa Fernandez de Cordova, of the Madrid Court of Appeals, Pilar and Bob Lalonde

Abbot Anselmo Alvarez, Benedictine Monastery El Valle de los Caido, Pilar and Bob Lalonde

Sandra and Pilar Gutierrez, and Jorge Tamayo

Bishop Camino, Spokesman for Bishops' Conference, Pilar and Bob Lalonde

Bishops' prolife poster asking protection for unborn children, not just animals

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