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Fr. Peter West speaks at Pro-Life Conference in Casper, Wyoming, July 24-25.

Priests for Life Associate Director Fr. Peter West was a Guest Speaker at a July 24-25 Pro-Life Conference in Casper, Wyoming, sponsored by Right to Life of Wyoming and the WYWatch Family Institute.  Fr. West addressed 50 enthusiastic attendees and saw five individuals make promises to be Gospel of Life Lay Associates.  He also spoke at weekend Masses at Our Lady of Fatima Church, delivering a homily about the root of the culture of death -- a lack of trust in God’s providence whereby we wrongly fear that God will not provide for our needs or the needs of a child.

Fr. West also enjoyed Wyoming hospitality with a picnic at Skunk Hollow and a visit to Independence Rock, a landmark in the march West where pioneers who reached it by July 4 knew that they would be able to cross the Rockies before snowfall began.


Fr. Peter at Devil’s Gate

Fr. Peter speaking at the Gospel of Life Conference at Our Lady of Fatima Church (Sat. July 25)

Fr. Peter participating in Life Chain (sign says Lord Forgive Us and Our Nation)

Deacon Ed McCarthy participating in Life Chain

Bob Brechtel, Leann Brechtel, Kathy Gilbert, Bob Gilbert, Janet Keating make their final promises as Missionary of the Gospel of Life Lay Associates

2 year old John Paul and brother

Fr. Peter participating in Life Chain in front of sign Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you

Fr. Robert Fox, Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Church

Picnic at Skunk Hollow - Kathy Gilbert, Bob Gilbert, Bob Brechtel, Leann Brechtel

Fr. Peter at Skunk Hollow

Fr. Peter on the LeeMcCune Braille Trail

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