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Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA travels to Illinois - August 29-30, 2009

Father Wilde, OSA spent the 39th anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood amidst the parishioners of St Philip the Apostle Church,  Addison Illinois,  and stayed at the rectory,  Fr Mark Jendrysik,  pastor.  After arriving in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport,  Deacon Phil Heitz and wife Norma took Fr Denis to their home for lunch with several other pro-life activists in the area before bringing him to the rectory.   

After concelebrating at the 5 pm Mass,  he offered a piano recital of music by Grieg, Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy and Gershwin for those assembled from several parishes.  A CD was cut as well,  engineered by Deacon Phil and Norma’s son Rob. 

Sunday Father preached at all the Masses.  Concurrently there was a blood drive conducted under the auspices of the church.  It was a poignant reminder that the Lord’s exemplary words:  This is my Body ... This is my Blood are appropriately reflected in the life-saving act of giving blood rather than spilling it through the violence of abortion.  People were connected to this during Father’s homilies that day and through the various signs that reminded parishioners who had volunteered to “give of themselves” for life. 

Father was back in Philadelphia at 10 pm after a very satisfying and fruitful two days with good people who had a mind and heart to open to the message of the Gospel of Life.

Father Denis pictured with Deacon Phil and Norma Heitz at their home in Addison Illinois. Norma and Phil were leaders in bringing Father Wilde to St Philip the Apostle Parish this weekend. Father also gave a piano recital on Saturday evening to about 100 people.

The Blood Drive at St Philip the Apostle Church was going on as a reminder of giving for life, a reflection of the Lord's Body and Blood, given up for others, rather than the scourge of abortion which bleeds the innocent for convenience and misguided killing.

They were waiting for Priest for Life representative, Fr Denis, OSA, who preached at all the Masses this past weekend at St Philip's Church. A simultaneous blood drive was conducted, a reminder of the need to give for others as the Lord gave his Body and Blood, not as blood spilled in abortion but as life-giving.

Here Norma is pictured with Father and her younger son Rob.

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