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Fr. Scott Daniels, O.P. in McDonough, GA - October 2-5, 2009

Fr. Scott Daniels enjoyed a busy, fruitful Pro-Life Parish Weekend at St. James the Apostle Church in McDonough, GA.

After being met in Atlanta by John Virag and settling in at the church rectory, Fr. Daniels went with the Virag family to the Feminist Women’s Center in Atlanta for a prayer vigil.  While abortion clinic employees photographed those standing witness, one woman pulled up – with a baby in the backseat of her car – and yelled, “How many children have you adopted?”  Two members of the vigil gave her the answer she did not expect; one had adopted a child, the other two.

On Saturday morning, Fr. Daniels concelebrated Mass in honor of Our Lady – First Saturday, after which the Knights of Columbus sponsored a rosary for life in the Church.  All totaled, Fr. Daniels presided or concelebrated at five Masses over the weekend and after one, met with about 75 teens.  Taking him back to his days as a high school chaplain and teacher, he reiterated to the young men and women the theme of his homilies, the unique giftedness of every human being; that they and every other person are unrepeatable.


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