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Alveda King's Travels for March-April 2010

Here is just a portion of Dr. Alveda King's travels for March and April 2010.

An April 21, Dr. Alveda King gave a Presentation at a graduate/multicultural class at St John's University, New York

On April 15, Dr. Alveda King gave the keynote address at Seton Hall University Pro-Life Day 2010 in New Jersey.

On April 13, Dr. King gave a talk at Caldwell college in New Jersey.

On April 9, Dr. King gave a talk at Otterbein College in Ohio.

On March 27, Dr. King participated in the Africana Womanism Summit in Charlotte, NC.



Students from Caldwell College attended the Seton Hall talk

Caldwell College

Talk at Seton Hall

Caldwell College

Otterbein College

Caldwell College

Otterbein College

African Womanism

The ladies in pink are pro-abortion and some left the talk with tears in their eyes.

St. John's University in New York

Alveda at a African American Outreach breakfast with Ray Jones

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