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Fr. Scott Daniels, OP participates in Face the Truth Tour in Chicago, July 2010

In the week following the July 4th celebration of our nation’s independence and the freedoms we enjoy, Fr. Scott Daniels travelled to Chicago to participate in the Pro-Life Action League’s Face the Truth campaign to stand for those denied their most basic right. 

Before joining Face the Truth on Monday and Tuesday, Fr. Scott visited one of the Women’s Centers of Greater Chicagoland and was elated to find a pregnancy center with a Catholic Chapel.  He and longtime Priests for Life associate Fr. Jim Heyd, now the Pro-Life Liaison for the Chicago Archdiocese, celebrated Mass at the Women’s Center Friday night, after which they went to an abortion mill several blocks away to circle the building in prayer. 

On Monday, Frs. Scott and Jim drove to meet Joe, Ann, and Eric Scheidler and the many participating at the Face the Truth Rally.  They stood holding signs of living unborn babies and aborted children in key, heavy traffic areas of Chicago – an overpass of the Kennedy Expressway, the Daly Civic Center, train stations, Lake Shore Drive, and the Art Institute.  At each spot, there was gratitude and support from passers by, but also outrage and verbal abuse.  Fr. Scott said he understood, though, that many who demonstrate anger are actually hurting terribly because they or someone they know has had an abortion. 

It was a time Fr. Scott will never forget.


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