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Fr. Scott Daniels, OP preaches in Memphis, TN (Jan 8-9, 2011)

Fr. Scott Daniels spoke at the annual Holy Rosary Respect Life Breakfast sponsored by Holy Rosary Church.  He arrived early on Saturday morning in order to preside and preach at the 8:15a.m. Mass.  Fr. Scott also preached all six weekend Masses. 

He preached that Jesus subjected Himself to Baptism not because He needed it but because He sanctified the waters for our sake.  But, this opportunity to come to know and love God is not for a select few but for all.  All who are given existence are called by God to come to know Him and love Him and bring about a difference in the world - according to God’s purpose - that only each individual can.

Fr. Scott was also invited by Deacon Jeff Drzycimski - the host of the Catholic Café to be a guest on his radio program. 


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