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Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity - October 18, 2011

100,000 remain silent for life

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Letter from a participant:

Dear Bryan,

.. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for making this day possible and tell you how it has made me felt.

Last year on October 19th, I noticed that my friend Kurtis was being quiet, something he generally never is. I did not think very much of it. Then, after an assembly during second period, Kurtis and a girl named Bethany walked up to me and handed me a tiny flier explaining why they were silent. ..I googled silent day and found When I saw how many schools were registered....Bryan, I have been whole-heartedly pro-life ever since I knew what abortion was and I have always felt alone in that. But seeing all those schools, seeing all those people who stood with me, I realinzed that I was not alone.
I was the only one who participated in PLDSS on October 18th 2011. ..Back at home, I'm working on a play that I am writing about abortion and listening to music at the same time. Then, Saosin's "You're Not Alone" comes on and I get goosebumps. It just hit me all over again the strength that I got from PLDSS. Thank you so much for creating all this and I will continue to participate in Silent Day until I die or until there is no longer a need for it. I am hoping for the latter.  - KR

Mark Cassara, youth pastor of New Beginning, tapes his mouth for Life in Stamford.

Isabella Mohr, 11, left, and Cassandra Mohr, 14, wait silently for their order at a restaurant in Costa Mesa, Calif. They took the tape off to eat, but did not speak.

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