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Rachel's Vineyard Canadian Leadership Conference

The 2008 Rachel's Vineyard Canadian Leadership Conference was held in Vancouver Canada, July 22-25, 2008

Participants in the Conference

Cathy Vanstone of RV Winnipeg and Lynda Munroe RV leader in Ottawa

Debbie Zepick, Christian recording artist and song writer

Participant enjoying a meal during the conference

Theresa Burke, founder of Rachel's Vineyard

Janet Kormish of RV Kelowna and Paulet Isaac from Kelowna

Disciple for Christ certificate

Donna Baldwin of Seattle and Theresa Burke

Bonnie Cameron (front and center) of RV North Battlefield, Saskatchewan and other participants in the chapel

Fr. Andrew L'Heureux of BC

Priests of Rachel's Vineyard

Participants performing a skit during the talent show

Fr. Cesar Macariola of BC, Msgr. Charles Mulvhill RV Kelowna Chaplain, Fr. Clair Watrin of AB, Fr. Andrew L'Heureux of BC

Bishop Richard Gagnon, Bishop of Victoria, BC and Theresa Burke

Sr. Cecilia Hong and Theresa Burke

Group of participants singing during talent show

Theresa Burke singing with Maria Magirescu of RV Kelowna

Lynda and Terry Munroe, coordinator of RV Ottawa

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