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Fr. Scott Daniels, OP Conducts an Advent Mission - December 2011

For the first time in his Priests for Life ministry, Fr. Scott Daniels immediately followed a Pro-Life Parish Weekend with a four-day mission.  Fortunately, these two events took place in one location in one of Fr. Scott’s favorite areas, the Great Northwest.  Both the weekend trip and the mission occurred at St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Everett, Washington.

Being that it was the first week of Advent, Fr. Scott’s talks over the seven days focused on the central fact that we cannot understand what it means to be a human being unless we understand God the Father.  He noted, “Life is so close to us that we miss the fact that it is first given by I AM.  Secondly, we fail – living as we do in a Postmodern/Post-Christian society – that all of us who live sharing a common human nature are – by nature and Divine Design – meant to be for one another as the Persons of the Trinity are for one another.  We are our Brothers keeper.  This keeping is intimately a part of our own making as the Children of God.”


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