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Fr. Frank Pavone at National Right to Life Convention - June 2012

Fr. Frank Pavone is speaking and networking at the National Right to Life Convention this week (June 27-29) in Crystal City, VA.

Mary Ann and Helen from Scranton, PA with Fr. Frank

Fr. Frank with Bobby and Mary Schindler of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network

Fr. Frank blessing the image of Umbert the Unborn. Gary Cangemi also pictured is the cartoonist of this Nationally Syndicated Comic Strip.

Rachel Benda talks with Fr. Frank at the registration booth

Fr. Frank talks with former Girl Scouts Madelyn and Nicole at the booth

Bryan Kemper talks to Fr. Frank about the development at the Supreme Court over Obamacare. See informational flyer details pro-life concerns regarding Girl Scouts USA

Bryan Kemper with Mary Ann from Scranton, PA

Fr. Frank gives a blessing to Nicole, Madelyn, Gabe and Rochelle at the booth

Fr. Frank with Georgette Forney of Silent No More Awareness and Anglicans for Life

Fr. Frank with Victor Bermudez and Hannah Simpson,Bryan Kemper's interns at Stand True Youth Outreach. Abigayle Kemper, Bryan's daughter, is also pictured.

Stand True Booth

Fr. Frank with Lila Rose, Live Action

Priests for Life booth

Fr. Frank with Len Reynolds from Schereville, IN

Abigayle Kemper showing Fr. Frank her silly bands

Bryan Kemper,Stand True and Lila Rose, Live Action

Brother Paul from Brothers of Peace

Hannah Victor, Bella Victor and Lydia Victor (the youngest).
Hannah is the Secretary at the Philly Pro-Life Federation
Bella is the VP at the Philly Pro-Life Federation

Annamarie and Rosa from Family Research Council

Fr Frank with some of the staffers at NRLC who were handing out miniature flags and literature at the door to the morning General Session

Fr. Frank with Billy Valentine, Susan B. Anthony List

Jaime Thietten

Fr. Frank with David Prentice Ph.D, Family Research Council, Senior Fellow for Life Sciences

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