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Protest of the We Are Women Rally - August 18,2012

A protest of a “We Are Women Rally” in Washington, DC on Saturday, August 18, 2012. Alveda organized the whole event although she did not attend. Protesters wore t-shirts designed by Alveda, Eugene Vigil, and Dana Morgan and paid for by SBA List.

Press Release: “We are Women” DC Rally Countered by “Women Speak for Themselves” and Prolife Prayer Response

818 prayer outreach dc mall Final.

Protesters at the rally.

It's a public place, You have Constitutional rights.

Rev. Takes stage and qoutes Rev. King after girl bands sings about ladies being sluts.

Standing out front listening to preacher speaking out. We are getting crowds stopping to hear us out here.

Trying to talk like MLK, Jr. We are staring him down.

We Are Women Rally Protest.

Woman who called a pastor a N.....

Woman after she called a pastor a N.....

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