Volume 1, Number 1 - September 2005
Dear Friends of Life, Welcome to another edition of Frontlines!
Television Taping Galore!
“Gospel of Life” program
Priests for Life has produced more television programs in 2005 than in any other year of its history. In the last few months, we have taped several series of our “Gospel of Life” program, which airs on the Sky Angel Satellite (“Angel Two” channel). This program reaches an audience of millions of people in many different denominations. The content of these programs is planned accordingly, stressing the fact that Christians of all different Churches and communities can say “Amen!” to the message of life!

Our friends at Life Dynamics, headed by Mark Crutcher, built a set for us and allow us to use their studios for the taping. In May, Rusty Thomas joined us, as he usually does for these tapings. He is in the photo at the left with me and Janet. Rusty has been a pro-life friend and colleague for many years, and helps organize national events each year that bring pro-life activists from around the country to a chosen city for a week of prayer, protest, sidewalk counseling, and training. Rusty is the father of a very large family and recently lost his wife Liz to illness. Please pray for him and the children.
In front of the chapel on the grounds of EWTN in Birmingham, Al.
Fr. Giacomo Capoverdi, Fr. Frank Pavone MEV, Bishop John Yanta and Fr. Mark Clarke, CMF
In September we also taped our eleventh series of “Defending Life” at EWTN, the world’s largest religious cable network. Janet Morana, our Associate Director, does a tireless job working closely with the production crew at EWTN to so many details of the shows. (Remember, the series is seen each Friday night at 10pm Eastern Time, and each Saturday morning at 2am). One of our guests for the new season is Bishop John Yanta. In the photo above, you see him together with me and two of our newest staff priests, Fr. Giacomo Capoverdi (left) and Fr. Mark Clarke, CMF (right). The beautiful background is in front of the chapel on the grounds of EWTN in Birmingham, Alabama.

Listen to Fr. Frank's homilies from the EWTN Live Televised Mass....

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September 15: [Listen]

September 16: [Listen]

On our "Defending Life" set at the EWTN studios
Fr. Giacomo and Fr. Clarke  with Fr. Frank Pavone MEV and Fr. Jim Heyd

In the photo to your left, you see Fr. Giacomo and Fr. Clarke again, this time with me and Fr. Jim Heyd, also a full-time staff priest of Priests for Life. We are standing on our "Defending Life" set at the EWTN studios.
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Seminarians for Life!
Praying in front of an abortion mill in Newark, NJ. 

Priests for Life not only helps those who are already priests, but forms those who are becoming priests! We often have the chance to speak in seminaries around the country, and we have a seminarian internship program whereby these men can spend a summer working for us, or sometimes an entire year or more.

But one of the most exciting things we do for seminarians is to hold an annual conference, every August. Co-hosted by “Seminarian Life Link,” a national effort to inform seminarians of the most effective pro-life projects, this conference brings in about 40 men at a time from seminaries around the world. These men receive high-quality training from top experts in the pro-life movement. Then, we send them as missionaries back to their seminaries to spread the information, to start pro-life groups in the seminary, and to arrange to have one of our speakers come to the seminary. (continued below)
Photo Gallery
In the photo gallery for this edition of Frontlines, you will see a kaleidoscope of various other trips and adventures on the road. From Alaska to North Carolina, you will see Priests for Life interacting with bishops, activists, pro-life leaders, and youth, bringing them the message of hope and encouraging them to keep their focus on the number one priority for our day: restore full protection to the unborn child!

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Janet Morana, our Associate Director, prepared “goodie bags” for the men, filled with pro-life books, CD’s, and DVD’s. In fact, we give them so much material that we instruct them before they come to leave extra room in their suit cases.
To let you in on a special project we will do this year, we are going to donate a whole set of some of the newest, most powerful books about abortion and euthanasia to every seminary in the nation!

We held this year’s conference, from August 16-21 at the Archdiocesan Youth Center in the Archdiocese of Newark. Archbishop John Myers of Newark has been on our Priests for Life Bishops’ Advisory Board for many years. During the course of the week we gave the men two experiences of direct activism.

One morning we joined a local pro-life group in Newark and prayed in front of an abortion mill. Bishop John Yanta, Bishop of Amarillo, Texas (and my bishop!) joined us and led some of the prayers (see photo to left). As we prayed, sidewalk counselors did their job across the street, and one of the women who was going to have her baby killed changed her mind and accepted the help that we directed her to in the local community! This was an encouragement for all of us, and a special incentive for those seminarians who had never prayed at an abortion mill before.

On another morning, the community of Kearney (where the retreat was being held) got a good dose of the truth. We conducted the “Face the Truth” tour, whereby we stand along the street with large photos depicting the baby developing in the womb and also the aborted baby. The local police were very helpful in facilitating this exercise of our First Amendment rights. The local press did a story of the event. People who saw us were supportive, and we noticed some motorists break into tears as they saw for the first time what abortion actually does to a child.

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