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Congressman Steve Pearce
Steve Pearce

From the Congressional Record, 1-19-11
Page H341

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Voice for the Voiceless

Mr. PEARCE. I thank the gentleman from New Jersey, and I appreciate his constant leadership on this issue of life.

Our Founding Fathers told us that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were treasured values in this country. I think that it was no accident that they placed life at the beginning of that order.

It is easy to believe that any society is judged for its quality based on its willingness to be a voice for those who are the most fragile, those who have the least standing in that society. And in this society and in all societies, none are with a quieter, less obvious voice than the unborn. So our willingness to stand up and support them is a reflection on the quality of this culture, and we need to do more.

Today, in Santa Fe and elsewhere around the country, pro-life citizens join in a March for Life. While my schedule for votes here today prevented me from being there, I am happy to associate my voice with them tonight and in the months to come. Since Roe v. Wade was decided, over 50 million lives have been terminated through abortion.

Great strides have been made legislatively. It is now wrong to take a minor across a State line. The partial-birth abortion process has been banned. Some States have passed a law requiring a 24-hour waiting period, but much is left to be accomplished.

Ultimately, the question comes up: When does life begin? The Supreme Court Justices who decided the case actually expressed that concern themselves about when life began, but that was a discussion of decades ago. Science today leaves no doubt. The DNA is established on day one and never changes through the baby's life. The sonogram is evolving our Nation's view on abortion as we speak.

For many who have been educated in our universities, they believe life begins at birth. But the young, who are looking at the sonograms and seeing that heartbeat within the first few days, recognize that they can no longer believe that this is some mass of tissue with inconsequential matters at risk.

And so this Nation is beginning to become more pro-life day by day, and that is a blessing, because in the end, every society will be judged by its willingness to speak for those with no voice.

Again, I thank the gentleman from New Jersey. I am proud to add my voice to those who speak for the most fragile--the unborn. May God bless this country, and may God bless the mothers of this country.

Thank you.


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