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Tim Huelskamp
Congressman Tim Huelskamp

From the Congressional Record, 1-19-11
Page H340

Adoption Not Abortion

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Mr. HUELSKAMP. Thank you, Congressman. I would like to recognize the longtime efforts of Congressman Chris Smith in defending life. I have watched from afar for many years, and it's a real treasure for the opportunity to speak here tonight and join his efforts and, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many other Americans, one of the greatest, greatest tragedies in the history of our Nation has been the direct death and the direct murder of more than 50 million Americans since 1973. Far too often, too many women, too many families turn to abortion as the only option when they discover they are unexpectedly pregnant.

Situations exist that make the thought of being responsible, perhaps for another life, overwhelming to say the least.

But abortion is not the only option available to these women and to their families. My wife and I have had the joy and privilege of adopting four children, and two of those children are from the country of Haiti and two of the others were already Americans. Incidentally, my oldest, when she was young, she didn't believe that babies arrived via stork, they arrived on airplanes, because our second two children were picked up at the airport.

But that reminds me of another story, a 5-year-old. She said, ``Daddy, can't we tell them to do adoption, not abortion?'' Yes, we can, and that's the message I would like to make sure we share tonight because supporting adoption is often the neglected, the unreported side of the pro-life coin.

If we are going to encourage women and families not to abort their babies we need to offer alternatives. And all across this country, there are thousands and thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of men and women that are adopting children, that are offering their services, particularly through local crisis pregnancy centers, and offering opportunities for the children and for women and for their families.

And I know, literally, there are millions of Americans today that are waiting for a child, that are awaiting a child, and I would even more strongly encourage other Americans to consider adoption.

Let me speak directly to those that might be considering abortion: There are alternatives. There are opportunities. There are caring Americans that would love, would love to participate in adoption and would love to provide assistance.

I am also a proud cosponsor of No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion. The leading abortion provider in the country, and these, Mr. Speaker, are really stark statistics, in the last year available, Planned Parenthood of America, in 2008, they performed, they committed, they slaughtered more than 324,000 little girls and little boys across this country, 324,008 abortions. They only participated in 2,405 adoptions; 324,000 abortions, less than 2,500 adoptions. There are other opportunities, there are other options. Adoption is the option.

I would ask that we consider to defund an industry that is not concerned with the women, not concerned with the families.

But let's turn our attention towards those across America that have given their hearts and homes and opened them up to our youngest members of society.


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