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Senator Wayne Allard
U.S. Senator
Wayne Allard

October 22nd, 1999 -

The matter of partial-birth abortion has been an issue that has been discussed and debated for quite some time now. The people of Colorado know that I am pro-life. I have long supported this stance as a State Senator, in the House of Representatives and through my tenure as a United States Senator.
As we all know, President Clinton vetoed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban in 1997 and I come here today to again raise my support for the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban. My reasons still stand the same for support of this bill.
The issue of partial-birth abortions have been a matter of debate in many state legislatures. Last year The Denver Post supported the issue stating that this piece of legislation would not impose what the Supreme Court has called an ‘undue burden’ on the rights of the mother, as opponents have stated. Nor does this legislation interfere with the established principle that doctors must be free to use appropriate medical judgment to preserve the mother’s life.” (Denver Post, October 24, 1998).
I understand that President Clinton continues to exemplify the idea that “partial-birth abortions are to protect women from being eviscerated or ripped to shreds and to keep from losing the ability to ever bear further children.” This “ . . . procedure can pose a significant and immediate threat to both the pregnant woman’s health and fertility.,” as former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop states. Even the American Medical Association’s board of trustees have determined that there are no situations in which a partial-birth abortion is the only appropriate procedure to induce abortion.
Also Dr. W. Martin Haskell, a well know proponent and practitioner of partial-birth abortions, in an interview with the American Medical Association’s American Medical News of July 5, 1993 stated that approximately one-third of fetuses involved in the partial -birth procedure “are definitely dead” before removal of the fetus, and “probably the other two-thirds are not.” In response to this statement, Professor Robert White, Director of the Division of Neurosurgery and Brain Research Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University, explains that fetuses within the gestational period when this procedure is performed are “fully capable of experiencing pain.”
The consensus that this procedure is medically unnecessary comes from both the pro-life and pro-choice camps as well as many health institutions and I urge all of my colleagues to support this legislation so that we can ban this procedure.


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