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Senator Wayne Allard
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Wayne Allard

I support adult stem cell research. As a veterinarian, I have a special appreciation for scientific research that produces results and cures diseases. Research using adult stem cells has produced results that have the potential to cure numerous diseases. According to Dr. Donald Orlic of the National Human Genome Research Institute, scientists have found that adult stem cells from the bone marrow of adult mice can rebuild a damaged heart by creating new heart muscle and blood vessels. Dr. Orlic stated that “this latest research shows that the embryos, which are politically controversial, may not be necessary. We are currently finding that these adult stem cells can function as well, perhaps even better than, embryonic stem cells.”


FLOOR STATEMENT: Stem Cell Research

April 11th, 2007 -

Mr. President, I rise today to clarify my position on stem cell research. As a veterinarian I understand the need for research and scientific advancement. Current law does not prohibit any sort of stem cell research. In fact, all forms of stem cell research have flourished under current law.

I can not and will not support legislation that would drive abortion. Therefore I cannot support S. 5. This legislation would allow for federal dollars to be used to incentivize the further destruction of human embryos for research purposes. I do not support this use of federal funds. I will not oppose private industry from doing embryonic stem cell research, but it would be very irresponsible to use federal taxpayer dollars to fund such a contentious issue.

Science is advancing. Over the past weeks and months research using adult stem cells has had many breakthroughs. The use of amniotic fluid and placental stem cells has much of the same potential that embryonic stem cells have, but they are not as controversial. S. 30 provides resources to further research in the area of adult stem cell research. Because of the emphasis on adult stem cell research, I support S. 30 and will vote in favor of S. 30 later today.

I not only understand the need for scientific advancement, but also for ethical boundaries. We should not be using federal dollars to drive abortion, when there are alternative opportunities for scientific advancement that are not as contentious.  



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