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Letter to Tim Kaine

October 2016

Dear Senator Kaine,

In your public comments, you identify yourself as Catholic. Yet you want abortion to continue to be legal, as it slaughters over a million children on American soil each year.

This contradicts the Catholic teaching on abortion, namely, that the child in the womb must be protected.

And the assertion that your "personal beliefs" and "public actions" can remain separate on this issue simply does not hold water. The Tim Kaine who believes things privately  is the same person who permits them publicly -- one person, one name, one conscience.

Some have described you as a “Pope Francis Catholic." Would that this were the case. There is only one Catholicism, and Pope Francis embraces it. That Catholicism calls for acceptance of all the teachings of the Church, including the teaching that the unborn child is to be treated as a person. To hold that these children can be legally killed is not to treat them as persons.

As Pope Francis has articulated, “Among the vulnerable for whom the Church wishes to care with particular love and concern are unborn children, the most defenseless and innocent among us." (Evangelii Gaudium, November, 2013).

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, whom Pope Francis just canonized, said this in Washington DC at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast:

The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”

You claim to be Catholic and yet support the legal killing of more than a million children a year. The only logical explanation for this is that you are seeking to please both the Democratic party -- which will not tolerate anyone in your position who tries to protect unborn children -- and Catholic voters -- who may be led to vote for you because you say you are "Catholic."

So I ask you, on behalf of every Catholic in the nation, to simply be consistent and honest. Either call for the protection of unborn children, or admit that you reject the call of the Catholic Church to do so.

Moreover, I challenge you to describe what you defend. If you support keeping abortion legal, why don't you describe for the American people what an abortion is. Use the words of the practitioners who perform the procedure. For instance, Dr. Martin Haskell testified in court, “Typically the skull is brought out in fragments rather than as a unified piece..." (1) Quote in your speeches the precise actions you think should be legal.

And if you cannot even describe these actions, why should you tolerate them?


Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director

(1) Sworn testimony given in US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison, WI, May 27, 1999, Case No. 98-C-0305-S), by Dr. Martin Haskell, an abortionist. He describes legal activity.



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