Led Zeppelin – Sexual Revolution and Abortion

October 28th, 2014

Led Zeppelin IV

The sky is filled with good and bad that mortals never know.

- The Battle of Evermore from Led Zeppelin IV

This week marks the second wave of Led Zeppelin releases including remastered and expanded versions of the British rock legends’ fourth and fifth studio albums, 1971′s Led Zeppelin IV and 1973′s Houses of the Holy. Led Zeppelin’s unnamed fourth album, often referred to as “Zoso,” went on to sell 23 million copies in the U.S., making it the third most successful album ever.  Led Zeppelin IV features some of the perennial staples of classic rock radio including the epic “Stairway to Heaven.”

Like many young men journeying through the jungles of adolescence in the 1970’s, Zeppelin became the soundtrack for my own coming of age. Composer Jimmy Page layered walls of guitar orchestration married to the musical alchemy produced by his hand-picked fellow band members; the mystical lyrics and wailing unrestrained libido of lead Singer Robert Plant; accomplished musician and composer John Paul Jones; and the one who laid down the Thunder of the Gods, the late drummer John Bonham.

The music of Led Zeppelin reveals some key and sometimes paradoxical messages of their music but also reflected in the lives of many of their generation. On the second Led Zeppelin album you find the anthem of male sexual conquest “Whole Lotta Love.”  You also find at the close of side two, a tender love song Plant penned about his wife at that time, “Thank You.”  On their fourth album you hear the sexual braggadocio of the blues/rock masterpiece “Black Dog” followed by the poignant, nostalgic and spiritual tones of Stairway to Heaven…ear numbing anthems of sexual revolution…and the longing for the innocence and simplicity of the hippie ideal.  This paradox was also reflected in their lives as country gentleman and family men when home and a horde of sexual barbarians when travelling with the band (though many of these accounts while based on some truth are now thought to be highly exaggerated.)

The power and mystique of Led Zeppelin is not only based on their talent as composers and musicians but also came from being plugged into the zeitgeist of their times. This was an age of a naïve trust that the advancement of personal liberation and exploration was the greatest ideal of an evolving mankind.  At the same time the youth of this period chased a longing for deeper emotional intimacy and spiritual communion in the shark infested waters of sexual liberation, drugs and social revolution.

The sexual, social and musical revolutions of the 1960’s and 70’s produced some amazing music. What Led Zeppelin and the other musical and social architects and promoters of sexual revolution failed to understand, is the connection between unrestrained sexual liberation and social chaos, disease and death.  But look more closely at the music and lyrics of Zeppelin (some which borrowed themes and imagery from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings) and you will find that there were deeper and darker battles being waged between lust and love, light and darkness, heaven and hell:

The Sky is filled with good and bad mortals never know…The dark Lord rides in force tonight, and time will tell us all. Oh, throw down your plow and hoe, Rest not to lock your homes. Side by side we wait the might of the darkest of them all.– Battle of Evermore

St Paul wrote something similar a few thousand years earlier:

  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  (Ephesians, 6-12)

Led Zeppelin was a powerful musical focal point for the emerging social and spiritual forces being unleashed during this time period. They not only gave a voice to those forces, but along with other musical groups of that period they helped till the spiritual and social soil, fanning the flames of the cultural and sexual revolution of the 1960’s and beyond.

Zeppelin reigned at a time when the “powers of this dark world” St Paul speaks of seduced and manipulated political, religious and legal leaders to embrace the end-game of the sexual revolution… legalization of abortion in 1973.  Since that time over 55 million of our fellow citizens have been lost to abortion…and countless men and women have been deeply damaged by the participation in their death.  

The power and beauty of the music of Led Zeppelin remains and transcends the sometimes darker influences on some of the band members and their lifestyles, especially when touring.  Lead Singer Robert Plant is known for his preening and sexual posturing when performing with Zeppelin, but he also wrote some of their more compelling lyrics.  The continued allure of Zeppelin is that the beauty, power and message of their music at times reached out to awaken the listener to consider that there was something more beyond the silly sexual posturing of Plant and the whole sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle.

The lyrics of the classic Stairway to Heaven, remind us that as we continue to rip apart the fabric of western civilization…we better take some time to assess the costs of unrestrained individualism and sexual liberation:

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run There’s still time to change the road you’re on.Stairway to Heaven

Fifty Five million dead…millions more wounded.

Let’s hope and pray…there’s still time to change the road we’re on.




Synod on the Family: Abortion Is a Stealth Missile Attacking Marriage and Family

October 6th, 2014

Holy Family

The much anticipated Extraordinary Synod on the Family opened Sunday at the Vatican.  In the opening mass for the Synod Pope Francis shared this with the assembled Bishops:

Assemblies are not meant to discuss beautiful and clever ideas, or to see who is more intelligent… They are meant to better nurture and tend the Lord’s vineyard, to help realize his dream, his loving plan for his people. In this case the Lord is asking us to care for the family, which has been from the beginning an integral part of his loving plan for humanity.

The Popes comments reflect the urgency of the situation and the challenges facing the family. We do not have the luxury of a synod that merely debates “beautiful and clever ideas” that are disconnected from the real world experience of families in our contemporary society.

The issues central to Churches in the developing nations (where the majority of Catholics reside) will often differ from those in the Western world, where we find a preoccupation with possible changes on ministry to Divorced Catholics.   There is a danger that in our focus on this contentious issue…we are missing the very large and very influential elephant in the family room.

Understanding the Impact of Abortion on Marriage and Family Life

With the continued pressure from Western nations to expand the access to abortion in African, Asia and Latin America, it is essential for the Synod to be aware of the  relationship between the symptoms of complicated grief after abortion and marriage and family life, especially here in the United States.   A failure to understand and learn more about this intimate connection between abortion and the challenges facing couples and families…would be a tragic missed opportunity for the Church and its leaders.

Since 1973 the United States has experienced an unprecedented historical event…a self-inflicted population reduction of over 55 million of its people through the availability of widespread legal abortion. What we have learned during this time is that abortion not only takes the life of an innocent child, it also has a powerfully toxic effect on relationships, marriage and family life.

Sharing the Heart of Christ

This should be no surprise. Sharing the Heart of Christ is an excellent resource for clergy, counselors and laity in ministry with those suffering after abortion. In this book we learn that abortion is very much a “relational wound”:

 These symptoms of post-abortion loss do not occur in isolation and can significantly impact marriage and family life. Abortion creates a relational and spiritual wound. A healthy marital relationship is marked by a deep bonding between husband and wife with a foundational trust that leads to vibrant and satisfying emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy.   Abortion is a traumatic death experience that is closely associated to relational/sexual intimacy, creating a profound fracture of trust that strikes at the heart of a relationship.  Because of the nature of this wound, secrets, [trust and anger issues] and extra marital affairs are not uncommon for persons with abortion in their history. – Sharing the Heart of Christ: Chapter Two Cultivating the Seeds of Trust

Later in that same Chapter you will find this following excerpt from an article originally published in the Fairfield County Catholic.  As you read this brief account, consider how essential this information is to the Synod on the Family, where in the United States alone, there have been over 55 million abortion procedures:

Fairfield County Catholic (FCC):Why don’t you begin by explaining the circumstances that drove you to an abortion?

Mary: Joe and I were both in college, and had been dating a couple of years. The first time we had intercourse, I got pregnant. I came from a large family and my parents, who were devout Catholics, made a lot of sacrifices for my education. I was too ashamed to tell them I was pregnant. There was no one to reach out to.

FCC:Couldn’t you reach out to your boyfriend?

Mary: I told Joe I was pregnant, and that I would have to get an abortion. I was waiting desperately for him to say something, to tell me we’d manage somehow. It never happened.

Joe: I knew it was wrong, but I was silent. I never stood up for the baby. I prejudged her, and decided that her mind was made up. I was angry with her for choosing an abortion. 

FCC:Most couples break up after an abortion because the guilt and pain are so great. Yet you stayed together and got married. You were clearly very much in love. How did the aftermath of the abortion affect your marriage?

Mary: We still loved each other, and we were committed to our marriage. My feeling of anger at Joe was pushed down for so many years that I didn’t even recognize it. But it was there all the time. I took my anger out on him without ever recognizing where it came from. 

Joe: There was a lack of trust in our relationship. I blamed her for the loss of the baby. I did things that purposely hurt her. I drank a lot, I gambled, I did a lot of things to escape into a private world where I wouldn’t feel pain. 

FCC:You are both practicing Catholics, raising your children in the faith. Didn’t you talk to a priest about what happened?

Mary: After years of this, it became apparent that it was something I had to deal with. I had confessed my abortion to three priests over the years. After the fourth priest, I began to accept that God could forgive me. 

Joe: There were years and years of anger and heartache and being distant from God… I think men are so proud, they don’t see what they’ve buried. It was all kept inside and it was destroying me. I deliberately did things to keep my own self-esteem down. I considered suicide. At one point, I remember walking downstairs with a gun and a suitcase; Mary stopped me. 

FCC:What happened when you went into the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat?

Mary: It felt confidential, safe, welcome. There was an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that so many people were praying for us. Everybody there, although each story was different, the pain was there. With them, we were able to let our guard down. 

Joe: I didn’t want to go to Rachel’s Vineyard to begin with. I walked in there on a Friday evening thinking, “I’m going to re-live all this stuff I’ve been avoiding for so long.” I think men are reluctant to go to these things openly and be part of it. 

FCC: Why was this retreat so effective, when you had both already been to Confession and received absolution years ago?

Mary: My big breakthrough came when I was able to express my anger at Joe. He had never realized that the abortion had any connection to our behavior. We were able to forgive each other, and to have our baby forgive us. 

Joe: I sat there and literally cried during some of the sessions. I was able to express my anger of myself at my total lack of courage…I feel reborn. I’ve been accepted by God, by my wife, and, most of all, by myself…

FCC: Where do you go from here?

…Joe: I’d like us to be as close as we can possibly get. I’d like to re-kindle a courtship, to walk hand-in-hand, spend more time together – and more time together in prayer.

The Family Impact

In many of the testimonies of women and men after abortion loss, you will find similar themes; mistrust, displaced anger, resentment, difficulty with intimacy and sexual dysfunction.  When a mother or father has an abortion in their past, and it is drawing upon so much negative emotional energy…does this impact parenting and family life?

It would be impossible that it would not have a significant impact.  All of us know how challenging it is to maintain a healthy marriage and family life in today’s culture.  It is all the more daunting when a mother and/or father are deeply compromised in their capacity for healthy communication, trust and intimacy because of an abortion loss.  Keep in mind that nearly half of all abortions are repeat procedures. Also consider that many grandparents, siblings and extended family may have been involved in some way in the abortion decision/procedure of their family member and depending on their role in the child’s death can also suffer emotionally and spiritually.

As I read these words of the Pope from October 4th,  I thought of the millions of couples with an abortion in their history:

 May the wind of Pentecost blow on the Synodal works, on the Church, on the whole of humanity. May it loose the knots that impede persons from encountering one another, may it heal bleeding wounds, and rekindle hope. May it grant that creative charity that make us love as Jesus loved. Then our proclamation will rediscover the vivacity and dynamism of the first missionaries of the Gospel. – Pope Francis’ Discourse Saturday October 4th at the Vigil of Prayer for the Synod on the Family

Let all Catholics and Christians of every denomination join our Holy Father in this prayer. May the Holy Spirit inspires the leaders of the international Catholic Church, so that they may be convicted of the importance of healing the “bleeding wound” of abortion and so protect and strengthen our families, both in the West and in the developing world.





Teens 10 times More Likely to Attempt Suicide After Abortion

September 16th, 2014


A very important article from Live Action news features Fr Frank Pavone on abortion and suicide. Fr Frank’s comments were offered in relation to the recent commemoration of World Suicide Day:

…Reports say that the risk of death from suicide within a year after an abortion is more than seven times higher than the risk of suicide within a year after childbirth.

Author Lauren Enriquez, mentions that youth are the most vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and actions after abortion. We think we are saving young people from the challenges of single parenting by making abortion accessible to them in our communities.  But the physiological and psychological changes of adolescence puts them at higher risk of not being able to process the complex and powerful emotions unleashed by participating in the death of their unborn child.  In addition, they often feel powerless when encouraged or at times pressured and coerced by boyfriends, parents, counselors and others to see abortion as the only solution to their unplanned pregnancy.

In addition to being the most visible pro life priest in the world with Priests for Life, Fr Frank also serves as the Pastoral Director of Rachel’s Vineyard.  He has first-hand knowledge and has personally encountered many women and men who struggled with suicidal and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors after their abortion loss, putting a human face on the statistics mentioned in this article.

Here is the full article with some important statistics on suicide and abortion


Emotional Castration: Telegraph Story Reveals Man’s Abortion Trauma

September 12th, 2014


Car Wreck

From the September 12, 2014 edition of the Telegraph comes a clear and compelling presentation on the experience of a man facing an unplanned pregnancy who is trying to prevent the child’s abortion.   It speaks volumes about the rights of men in “legal” abortions and the trauma men can experience.  Please read and share.

Tony Perry writes:

Following the recent UK release of Obvious Child, the Daily Mail columnist Bel Mooney yesterday shared her personal experience with abortion and declared that her decision to terminate her unborn child was “no big deal”.

However, for many, abortion is a big deal that can leave regrets long after that choice is made.  It is also a choice that has an impact of men an as well as women, even though the media rarely presented the experience of abortion from a male point of view.  Perhaps the general assumption is that abortion doesn’t really affect men. 

Perhaps I would have shared that assumption had I not lived through it myself.

Read the rest here.



Post-Abortive Father Responds to Robin Williams: Uncomfortably Numb Story

August 21st, 2014


Repentant Man

Amidst the firestorm of reaction to my blog last week on the death of Robin Williams, I wanted to share this letter that came in from a father who lost his daughter to abortion:

Hi Kevin,

I wanted to thank you for sharing about Robin William’s abortion and how this may have contributed to his struggles with addiction and depression.   I know from personal experience as a post-abortive father that depression can occur when a man loses a child to abortion.

In my case the depression was closely related to the lie I was encouraged to believe…a lie that said that abortion was the best solution to a pregnancy that occurred at a difficult time. I was encouraged to believe that my child in the womb was ‘just a fetus’ and not a human being.   By agreeing with this prognosis regarding the pregnancy I was able to agree to the abortion that my partner wanted to have.

Agreeing with the abortion did not change the reality that I was a father of this child. What did occur was that I became the father of a child that I did not protect, take responsibility for and enjoy a relationship with. I became the father of a child that lost its life because I did not protect her from the lie of abortion rather than the father of a child that I helped to nurture and to grow into adulthood.

The reality of what had exactly transpired as a result of the abortion set in over time. As I came out of the delusion that I was in because of believing a lie I began to see more clearly the results of agreeing to an abortion as the solution to the challenge of parenting. By believing the lie I was enabled to abandon the responsibility of protecting my daughter and as a result had abandoned the opportunity to nurture her and provide for her as she grew into an adult.  I had rejected the responsibility to protect my unborn daughter, I had lost the opportunity to provide and nurture her into adulthood, I had lost the relationship that would have grown out of tending to these responsibilities and I was full of shame and humiliation as a result. This shame, humiliation and grief left me in a state of hopelessness despair and yes depression.

My self-esteem plummeted.  I hated myself for the emotional pain I was feeling for something that was supposed to be a benign experience. I hated myself for not knowing better, for not performing better and I began to be angry with those who had encouraged the abortion, with those who had performed the abortion and with those who stood idly by as it was occurring. The shame and guilt of my involvement encouraged me to keep this to myself.  This isolation fed the depression that I experienced after that event.  I abused drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the depression and pain I felt.

Healing started to come when I acknowledged what had happened in the abortion. It began to grow as I shared my guilt with others and received God’s forgiveness. It grew more when I experienced healing weekends with Rachel’s Vineyard and realized that I was not alone with my guilt, grief and depression.

The depression began to lift even more as God gave me the opportunity to take responsibility for a child through adoption. Now I can speak fairly freely about the pain I went through due to my involvement with abortion, and the subsequent depression that had accompanied it, because I know there is a healthy way out. Booze and drugs did not alleviate the problem although I thought they would when I used them to cope with the difficult emotions that accompanied the experience. Facing the experience as it was, the death of my daughter, was the beginning of moving to reconciliation and healing which included yes the healing of some of the depression.

Parents involved in abortion decisions need to realize there is help for them if they face their experience in the light of reality.    An abortion recovery program can help them face the painful but liberating truth, grieve and honor that child lost to abortion, and experience the forgiveness of Jesus.  Consoled by this faith, they can look forward in sure hope to meeting their children in heaven who are there longing to be reunited with their parents.  With further healing I was more able to end the silence and share the truth that my child is gone from this life, but she is with the Lord and I will see her one day.

God bless, you Kevin for telling the truth.  May all post-abortive parents face their experience in light of the truth. May they receive the forgiveness that is available so they can bring a blessing to their aborted children the day they enter the gates of paradise to join them in the forgiving pleasures of heaven.


Dr. Scott Miller, M. Counseling, M. Divinity, D. Min

 Out of his own healing journey, the Lord has given Scott some insight towards ministering to men and women who have suffered the pain of losing a child through abortion. During his years ministering in residential addiction treatment programs, Scott was introduced to many young men who had lost children to abortion.

As a complimentary ministry to Rachel’s Vineyard, Scott developed the House of Esau program as a place where men can begin to confidentially allow their post abortion dilemma’s to be acknowledged, released and received so their souls can begin the journey of being healed from their abortion experience. House of Esau™ focusses on helping men heal from their “father wound” and the resulting sexual brokenness and pain-managing lifestyle. We offer a non-judgmental environment where men can find the compassion of Christ in a supportive, non-threatening context. For additional information about House of Esau™ ministries, email us at: silverlion@live.ca.


Grieving the Loss of Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More Leader Mike Stack

August 15th, 2014


Mike Stack

 Mike Stack, Site Leader for the Detroit Rachel’s Vineyard ministry, and former  Regional Coordinator with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign passed away on August 14th.  Mike was a Missionary of the Gospel of Life and served as a Coordinator of the Southfield 40 Days for Life Campaign.

Mike died on the feast of St Maximilian Kolbe, the great Polish priest who gave his life for a fellow prisoner at Auschwitz-a married man with children.   His death also falls on the Vigil of the Assumption of our Blessed Lady.   How fitting as Mike had a beautiful and fatherly heart of faith and love for Christ, his Blessed Mother and the Church that he shared so generously in his life.  Anyone blessed to be touched by his ministry to vulnerable young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, or those wounded by abortion loss, can attest to the faith, courage and gentle love of this man of God.

Below I share two articles by Mike that will reveal some of the beautiful ministry of this man.  The first reveals the relationship of his vocation as an ultra-sound technician at a Pregnancy Resource Center and his ministry in Rachel’s Vineyard.  This is an extremely important testimony as it points to the level of grief for those who are intimately involved in the death of the unborn, well beyond the immediate impact on the parents.   Even front-line pro lifers trying to prevent these tragic deaths, naturally suffer complicated grief from this experience.

The second article is an excellent piece on the need for awareness and healing for men who suffer after participating in the death of their unborn child:

A little piece of my heart

By Mike Stack

[Mike served as an Ultrasound Technician at a Local Pregnancy Resource Center since 2003 and was employed since 1976 as an Ultrasound Technician.-KB ]

A little piece of my heart is wounded each time we are unable to help a woman turn from her plan to abort the tiny human life within her womb. As an Ultrasound Technician for the past 35 years, I have had the honor of witnessing the work of the Lord, in the womb. “I knit you together in your Mother’s womb…” Psalm 139:13…

Many Post Abortion women have commented that a piece of their heart died with their aborted child, just like any parent that looses a child. It doesn’t matter what stage of development. What matters is that those that have lost a child have a deep grief. Grief that is made worse when it is a secret…

I found myself in a similar, secret (hidden) grieving place and didn’t know where to turn for help.

I found the place to turn to when I attended a Post-abortion recovery weekend retreat (Rachael’s Vineyard). To my surprise the grief I had been carrying came forth in uncontrolled, sobbing tears. I was grieving the loss of so many children I had come to know….       Read the whole article here

Getting the Word Out to Men

By Mike Stack

I was excited to be invited to speak at a Men’s Fellowship retreat earlier this year by the leader of this Men’s ministry group at our former parish. He knew of my involvement with Rachel’s Vineyard and thought it would be a good topic for the after dinner talk to the (40) guys on this annual retreat. Some men’s ministries arereluctant to address the issue of abortion loss on a men’s retreat, thinking it is not the place, so I was especially grateful for the opportunity.

However Public speaking is not exactly in my ‘comfort zone’ and so when I found out that I had a 90 minute time slot to fill I was a bit concerned. The Lord inspired me with a simple program that included the Dear Children video that we use on Friday evening of our Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, and the personal testimony of some former retreatants. We had one couple and two men who have experienced abortion loss each give a short testimony.

I gave some introductory comments about the history of Rachel’s Vineyard and that the retreats were open to both men and women (grandparents, siblings and former abortion providers.) We offered time for questions at the end. It was a simple program that planted seeds for this group of men who, for the most part, were not aware of Rachel’s Vineyard or the need for men’s healing after abortion.

During the video I sat near the back of the room and from that viewpoint I could observe the guys’ reactions to the video. There were several handkerchiefs pulled out and some tears wiped away. I feel confident that we ‘planted seeds’ for some of these men to learn more about abortion loss and healing in Rachel’s Vineyard.

It seems to me the best thing for us to do is to plant seeds, to prepare people with knowledge of this healing resource. For some it will be for themselves, for others it’s to share in a future conversation or situation with a friend, family member or spouse.

In this case we also had the benefit of men receiving the knowledge that abortion hurts women, men and relationships. I think the simple program worked well and is probably something that could be easily repeated or expanded upon. I include parts of the thank you note from Gerry:

Hi Mike… the presentation was outstanding… thank you for being there.

There was a very positive response from the guys for the depth of sharing … heck even the topic … one guy admitted that he was skeptical when he heard the topic and wondered why it should be at a men’s retreat, but by the end of the video, was convicted by his doubt. I’m hoping we have more involvement in the fight against abortion from what the guys experienced … your group certainly raised the consciousness of the issues surrounding it…Be sure to thank the volunteers for their courage in witnessing to us … I know it can’t be easy, even though it is giving testimony to the love of God.

God bless, Gerry

In my own life and ministry I am seeing a growing awareness of the need of healing for the men that have been involved in abortion. It’s seems that more of these fathers are finding their way to the Rachel’s Vineyard retreats. I think many of us have experienced the huge blessings that occur both to the men and to the women that attend a given retreat (with men present.)

My take on the retreat process is that the main healer is Christ, who is present in a special way through the Living Scripture exercises (and the Sacraments in the Catholic model). Christ, the healer, is also present and working through the participants. The stories of pain and healing that are shared during the weekend work to help facilitate Christ’s love and healing. Obviously women and men experience the pain of abortion in different ways. The richness of the mix of men’s and women’s sharing always seems to be a critical part of the healing on any given weekend retreat.



Robin Williams: A Clarification on Uncomfortably Numb

August 13th, 2014


My previous blog focused on the possible relationship between Robin Williams’s very public struggle with addiction and a previous abortion loss.  I have since learned that some saw this as an exploitation of his tragic death.

How did I come to write this piece?  As I read of Williams’s death, his addiction struggle was prominent in many articles I was reading…but with no mention of his abortion loss in the 1970’s.   I saw this as an opportunity to draw attention to something I have learned in my 20 years experience in after-abortion recovery ministry; people often self medicate the very painful and complex emotions and memories of their abortion experience with drugs and alcohol.  This sometimes leads to serious addiction issues at great personal cost and also brings pain and suffering upon their loved ones.

Sometimes the descent into addiction directly follows the abortion event and there is clearly a link.  In other scenarios it appears to greatly intensify an already existing problem.  Williams’s story also provided an opportunity to share on what is rarely considered…that men experience some powerful and confusing feelings when they are part of an abortion decision/procedure.

Of course there can be a number of factors that contribute to addictive behavior, for example self medicating for an emotional illness such as depression or bi-polar disorder.  Perhaps this was also an issue that contributed to Williams addiction issues.

I never in my article claimed his suicide was a direct relationship to his abortion loss.  Only God and Williams understand the pain and torment that led him to such a desperate act.  I tried to make the case based on my professional experience that there is a possible connection between his addiction struggles and his abortion loss.

For those who are neutral or pro abortion rights, you will have a difficult time understanding my perspective.  In fact, those that support abortion rights dismiss any negative after-effects from the procedure.  Research and the testimonies of hundreds of men and women clearly reveal serious emotional, physical and spiritual suffering after abortion…and the benefits of an abortion recovery program.

I believe that in the 1970’s (like millions of other couples) during a time of vulnerability, anxiety and fear Williams and his partner participated in the death of their unborn son or daughter.  Is it unreasonable when the media is saturated with stories about his addictions to suggest a connection?  I did not see similar outrage from articles that touched on his struggle with addiction.

Finally, please understand that my vocation is to educate the public about the after-effects from abortion and most importantly, the good news of healing recovery programs.  My desire was not to sensationalize the tragic death of Robin Williams, but in that painful and confusing death to bring light to what may be one area of pain in this man’s life – with the hope that others might see in their own story how abortion loss may be part of their addiction issues and other symptoms.  My hope is that the story would lead others to find reconciliation and healing.

I lost a dear friend, who I loved like a brother to suicide.  I know personally how devastating this tragedy is to family and friends.  I also know the many factors, such as emotional illness and chronic emotional and physical pain can lead someone to take their life.

If you felt that the timing of this blog was insensitive or exploited his tragic death, or if you have lost a loved one to suicide, I am truly sorry for any pain this may have caused you.  Please know that my intention was to bring light and healing to an area of loss and suffering that has touched millions of women and men in our nation.  With the national focus on his death and addiction struggles, I saw this as an opportunity to raise awareness using information that is widely available on the internet and elsewhere.

After I wrote the piece and today at daily Mass I prayed for the soul of Robin Williams…not only for his peace and healing in the Lord but also that through his painful death others would find hope and healing of their abortion loss and help and relief for anyone struggling with suicidal feelings.

Kevin Burke, LSW


Robin Williams – Uncomfortably Numb: Abortion Loss and Addiction

August 12th, 2014

Robin Williams

Actor and comedian Robin Williams died August 11th from a suspected suicide.  Fans from around the world are grieving the tragic loss of this talented actor and comedian.  Such an act of desperation reveals Williams was clearly in great emotional pain.   A headline on NBC News Online shares that Robin Williams Battled Demons for Decades Before His Death.

Many are aware that Williams struggled for years with serious addiction issues.

However a lesser known fact is that one of those demons was an abortion that took place in the 1970’s.

From Robin Williams: A Biography by Andy Dougan

… His early days back in San Francisco after dropping out of Julliard (in the mid 1970’s) were among the unhappiest of his life. His relationship with his girlfriend, which had seemed so full of promise back in New York, had now come to a sudden and abrupt end…In an interview in Playboy magazine some years later, the subject turned to the Bush administration’s stance on abortion….Williams offered that making the decision to have an abortion was not an easy one, which begged the obvious question from interviewer Lawrence Grobel about whether he had ever found himself in that position.

 ‘Long, long, long time ago,’ Williams replied candidly, ‘and it was because we were too young and it wasn’t right.’  (Pg 35)

Is there a relationship between Robin William’s descent into drug addiction and depression that began in the 1970’s and his past abortion?

The Death of Young Love

Williams appears to have been very close to the mother of his aborted child and as the excerpt from his biography reveals, the period after the abortion and the end of the relationship were days of deep and painful darkness.  Even as he began to enjoy considerable professional success as an actor/comedian, he struggled with addiction.

Consider the emotional vulnerability of a young man and woman in their mid 20’s as Williams tried to make his way in the highly competitive world of entertainment in the 1970’s.  Think about how powerful a loving, caring and understanding relationship is in helping you negotiate the stress and challenges of such times.  When the relationship is sexual, you have the deeply intimate experience of sharing your body, heart and soul with another person.

This union of pleasure, joy and love between Williams and his partner results in a pregnancy as a new life has been conceived in this act of love-making.  When they decide to “end the pregnancy” by abortion, a very complex set of emotions are unleashed upon the young couple.

There were likely some rather pressured but reasoned discussions between the couple of why abortion was the only rational choice…as Williams shared:

…we were too young and it wasn’t right.’  

 Few relationships survive the complex emotional pain and complicated grief that naturally follows the decision to abort one’s unborn child.  The powerful memories and emotions from such an experience defy our desperate rationalizations, and remain long after the relationship ends.  To think otherwise is a failure to respect the power, depth and complexity of human intimate relationships.

Uncomfortably Numb

The most common self-medication for these intimate and painful feelings and memories…sex, drugs and alcohol.  The 1970’s and early 1980’s were fertile soil for such acting-out with the widespread use of cocaine in music and entertainment circles.

In a Guardian interview in 2008, Williams shares about his behavior during his periods of addiction:

“You know, I was shameful…You do stuff that causes disgust, and that’s hard to recover from. You can say, ‘I forgive you’ and all that stuff, but it’s not the same as recovering from it.”

 Drawing upon the experience of hundreds of men’s testimonies about their abortion loss, Williams may have been making a thinly veiled reference to what society tells us does not exist…his post abortion trauma and complicated grief.

Let’s re-visit his quote above, but this time in the context of abortion loss:

You know that abortion was so deeply painful, and shameful…I am disgusted by my actions that led to the destruction of my unborn child, and struggle as a man and father.  That abortion procedure was the death of my partnership with the child’s mother and  it deeply wounded my heart and soul.  No drug can remove that pain.   I want to forgive myself and others…but I need to find a way to recover from this loss.

Author M. Alex Johnson on NBC News Online shares:

He never seemed to have full control of his fame…Williams talked of having become addicted to cocaine while he was appearing on “Mork & Mindy” (1978-1982.)…Cocaine, Williams told People magazine in 1988, “was a place to hide. Most people get hyper on coke. It slowed me down.”

Some will be quick to dismiss the relationship of his abortion in the 1970’s to his subsequent abuse and addictions to cocaine and alcohol, but look at Williams own words.  He was looking for a place to “hide”…hide from what?    There may have been other contributing factors in his vulnerability to addiction, such as his rise to stardom and the stress and temptations of the world of entertainment.  But given what we have learned after 20 years of research and recovery work with those who have experienced abortion loss addictions are a common way that woman and men cope with the painful feelings and memories they bury after abortion.

 In 1982, Williams was doing coke with John Belushi the night Belushi died of an overdose.   Keep in mind that his association with Belushi the night of his death would naturally trigger his repressed post abortion pain and guilt connected to his role in the death of his unborn child.  He may not have made the conscious connection, but those emotions would help add gasoline to his already raging addiction issues.

Displacement of a Father’s Grief

Williams would later become a vocal advocate for abortion rights.  This reveals another common strategy of those that are unable to reconcile and recover from their abortion loss.  The energy that would be better directed toward healing this loss is instead focused on the need to promote abortion accessibility for the poor and protecting woman’s health.  This activism on behalf of abortion rights serves to deflect his conflicted emotions and complicated grief around his personal abortion, as it is displaced onto anti abortion activists and their political allies.

However the symptoms often tell the story and if you follow the trail, they will take you back to what was a life-changing event for Robin Williams and his partner in the 1970’s…the abortion of their unborn child.

Years of using drugs and alcohol to cope with abortion loss and other emotional pain and life stress takes a toll on the emotions and nervous system of addicts. The failure to recognize the role of abortion loss can be a significant factor in one’s addictive behavior and shuts the door on reconciliation and recovery from the abortion wound.

There is Hope and Healing

There is a way to recover from this loss.  If you are a man or woman who was part of an abortion decision(s) in the past, there is hope and healing available to you.  The abortion loss may be part of a larger tapestry of challenges that you have faced in your life journey.  But that abortion loss can be significant contributing and often causative factor in the anxiety, depression, addictions and other symptoms that you may struggle with.   Attending an abortion recovery program can help you learn to find healthy ways of grieving those areas of pain and loss that lead to reconciliation, resurrection and new life…not self destruction and death.

 Join me in praying for the soul of Robin Williams and all those who suffer after abortion loss.  Pray especially that through God’s mercy and forgiveness, Robin Williams will soon gaze upon the child he lost to abortion, and find in the eyes of that precious child, not judgment but a loving call to repentance, reconciliation and healing with the Creator of all life.




The Growth of Catholic Radio on The Cape

July 30th, 2014

Cape Cod Bus for Life

After my presentation Saturday Evening with Kevin Ward, President Cape Cod Bus for Life and Life with Christ Radio; Marjorie E.Shivvers, and Edwin M.Shivvers recipients of the Culture of Life Award; Fr Ron Floyd, Chaplain St Francis Xavier Prep. What a blessing for me to be with these wonderful pro life faithful and help encourage and support the growth of Catholic Radio in the region and the growing outreach to bring residents, especially youth to the March for Life.

Not All Revolutions are Created Equal: A Journey into the Soul of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

July 3rd, 2014


Fall of Satan

During the month of July we celebrate the birthday of our great nation.  The writers of the Declaration of Independence presented their reasonable and just cause for separation from rule by the King of England.

However these wise men made it clear that not all revolutions are created equal:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

Abolishing established order will come with a cost.  This should not be entered into lightly or without careful discernment.

The Abortion Revolution

As we remember and celebrate the founding of these United States we would do well to pause and consider another still unfolding revolution that has unleashed unprecedented change on our nation.

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell was among the many feminists, professionals in medicine, law, psychology, politics, business and entertainment  who were the early architects and pioneers of the social revolution which that led to the 1973 Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion throughout our land.

Abortion has polarized our spiritual, moral, political and social discourse.  Nearly 60 million United States citizens were never born, changing the demographic of our country and altering our nation in ways we are only beginning to understand.  The personal and social costs, while often hidden or ignored are life, family and community altering.   Legalizing abortion has indeed been a high impact social revolution.

Gosnell’s Babies

We will take a closer look at the life of one of those early pro abortion pioneers, Dr Kermit Gosnell.  The notorious Philadelphia abortion doctor was convicted in 2013 of first-degree murder for killing babies that were born alive in his clinic. Gosnell was also sentenced to 30 years in prison for illegally dealing pain meds out of the same facility. We will examine the personal, social and especially the spiritual forces that produced what many consider a monster.  Given some of the facts of this case, most reasonable people would agree that snipping the spinal chord’s of babies born alive and storing their little chopped off feet in a jar in your office…definitely earns you the title of monster.

But maybe that is our way of distancing and protecting ourselves from a more disturbing reality…he was not really a monster at all.

Steve Volk is a senior writer at Philadelphia magazine and author of Gosnell’s Babies.  (I highly recommend reading Volk’s brief but informative e-book which contains a very revealing series of interviews with abortionist Kermit Gosnell.) Chapter one is entitled, The Monster Smiles. You will discover that Dr Gosnell was for a time a compassionate, well intentioned Physician who felt a special call to serve the poor.  What went wrong?

By shining a brighter light on key aspects of Dr Gosnell’s life and evolution as a man and physician, we will find that he is not a monster but rather a man who remains convicted that providence chose him to to be a courageous abortion pioneer and serve the poor of his West Philadelphia neighborhood.

Gosnell Family Values

Part II of Volk’s e-book, is entitled the Man behind the Monster.   This chapter presents an overview of Gosnell’s family background.  It is remarkably positive.

Volk reveals that Gosnell is no cartoon evil villain, but rather a complex character; a gentleman doctor with a stately, even regal demeanor as some reporters described him in the courtroom during his trial.

Volk reveals that Gosnell was a well-liked and gifted young student:

…once a popular student at Philadelphia’s prestigious Central High School… earned a medical degree and come back to the West Philadelphia area where he was raised to start his health clinic and run a drug rehabilitation program in Mantua. How that illustrious beginning met up with this shambling end was hard to understand.

Gosnell’s father was a hard working handyman skilled in a number of trades and his mother a successful city employee.  They instilled in their young son a strong work ethic and his mother especially stressed the importance of education.  Gosnell explains he felt “tremendous pressure from his mother” who he says “lived vicariously through him.”

This sense of parental pressure is common among families struggling to raise their children to negotiate the challenges of racism, economic oppression and yet have the values and personal discipline to rise above these obstacles and succeed in life.   Their hard work paid off.  Gosnell was a gifted musician, athlete and a popular and high-achieving student.

Once he obtained his medical degree he decided rather than abandon his West Philadelphia neighborhood for greener pastures, he would instead stay and be of service to the needy people in the West Philadelphia community where he was raised.  His parents must have been very proud indeed of their accomplished son.

The Long Descent into Hell…Begins with a Single Step

Gosnell decided to specialize as an ob-gyn. A poor neighbor and her husband, feeling the stress of raising 3 children and limited financial resources asked Dr Gosnell to abort their unborn child.  (Keep in mind this was prior to the Roe V Wade decision in 1973 legalizing abortion.)  Fearing she might try to abort the baby herself, or choose the shady services of a non-medical abortionist, he performed his first illegal abortion on a 15 week old fetus and pocketed the cash they gave him. [1]

A desperate teenage girl and her grandmother were his next abortion case…and so it all begins.

It is clear that Gosnell shared these accounts with Volk to present the foundational mythology that is a cornerstone of Gosnell’s self-concept:

Gosnell, the compassionate and caring abortion doctor willing to sacrifice a lucrative suburban practice so he can remain in his West Philadelphia neighborhood and serve poor desperate families facing unplanned pregnancy. 

We can imagine Dr Gosnell sincerely proclaiming, “See America, I am really a saintly heroic man…not a monster.”

This initial abortion case by Dr Gosnell is extremely significant because within it we have a very powerful and compelling element in the mythology of the compassionate abortion pioneer.  This would prove to be a very influential element that would draw many women and men to embrace the revolution to legalize abortion.  They were often individuals of good will, compassionate and interested in improving the lives of women and families, especially those facing poverty, and racism.

Let’s look more closely at Dr Gosnell’s first abortion case because within this story lie the seeds of all that would corrupt the heart, mind and soul of our gentleman-physician…and in time our entire nation.

The Physician-King:  Above the Laws of Man…and God.

Dr Gosnell has his initial taste of assuming the role as a type of above the law Physician King with this young desperate couple in that very first procedure he performed.  This was the first instance of Gosnell playing fast and loose with the law.  Since abortion was not legal at this time in Pennsylvania, he violated the law by performing this abortion.  This was the beginning of his tendency to stretch and/or violate the law outright if his wise discernment deemed it necessary.

As Volk indicates in Gosnell’s Babies, he was not alone placing himself above the law for the greater cause of the abortion revolution:

Breaking abortion law amounted to a form of political insurrection.  People who could provide safe abortions were considered heroes of good conscience…feminist activists actively encouraged illegal activity…[2]

Another key concept in Gosnell’s identity… he did not choose to be an abortionist, but rather in reference to those first few poor troubled neighbors that came to him for abortions Gosnell says…“abortion chose me.”  This indicates a sense of being anointed, chosen for a special mission to the poor.

Based on Volk’s interviews, we can safely imagine the inner thoughts of Dr Gosnell:

 I know the messy reality faced by the poor in this neighborhood.  I am an enlightened and skilled physician.  It would be cruel and wrong to deny this poor couple my professional services.  The technical interpretation of existing laws is a luxury for those with more resources in better neighborhoods…I am willing to take the heat for doing the dirty work to save these desperate poor families from falling deeper into poverty and suffering.

Lead us Not Into Temptation:  The Conception…of Self-Deception

The compassionate Physician-King and abortion revolutionary is not bound by burdensome legal restrictions.  But he faces an even greater temptation that is at the very heart of the abortion rights revolution…playing God.

At first glance, many, perhaps the majority of our fellow citizens (without an understanding of the after effects of abortion) would likely hear the facts of Gosnell’s initial abortion case, and agree that performing the procedure was the compassionate thing to do.  Within this scenario we find the seeds of a very sophisticated temptation and the original rebellion against the Providence of our Creator as revealed in the book of Genesis.

Unfortunately the modern mind quickly dismisses the familiar bible story of Adam, Eve, the snake and that apple as an entertaining but antiquated fairy tale or simply Middle Eastern mythology…only fundamentalist loonies still take this stuff literally.

Tragically this is a dangerous mistake.  Perhaps at no time in human history, apart from that initial rupture in the relationship between God and our early human ancestors, has the deeper truths of this story had more significance…and serve as a prophetic warning.  (I would invite even the non-religious or agnostic reader to consider that there are crucial truths and important lessons about the human person contained in what you may view as Middle Eastern creation mythology.)

Enter the Garden

Let’s take a closer look at the Garden of Eden.  The scene here is of harmony between man and women in their spiritual relationship with their Creator both individually, as a couple, and with God’s creation.  That harmony and the goodness of God’s creation are reflected in their one-flesh union, where they share in the great gift with God of conceiving and bringing forth new life into the world.

But there is a mysterious and powerful force also lurking about the Garden, which we learn in Luke’s Gospel, has its origins in a pre-creation cosmic rebellion against God:

Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” (Luke, 10-18.)

This malevolent force is reflected in the Genesis account as a snake.  However in this context, the Hebrew word for snake can also be understood as a menacing serpent… a cunning and diabolical evil force and a formidable adversary.

Adam allowed the Serpent entry into the Garden and access to his partner.  Adam and Eve were then vulnerable to his cunning and powerful temptations to embrace Satan’s rebellion against God’s providence.  The Serpent uses the prohibition against eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that God warned would bring death as the area to tempt our first parents:

But the serpent said to the woman: “You certainly will not die!  God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who know good and evil.

The Fruit of the Tree of Abortion

This is the very temptation faced by Dr Gosnell (and all abortionists) in his initial abortion case.  This first procedure led Gosnell to embrace his role as a chosen Physician King. In this vocation conferred upon him by a type of abortion providence, he is above the law and liberated to play God as he assumes the power to take the life of an unborn child…if his wise discernment justifies fetal termination.

Just as in the Garden of Eden, this conception of self-deception planted the seeds of interior corruption and moral blindness that would over time bring forth not the enlightened fruit of god-like knowledge and power as promised by the Serpent, but the expanding fruit of death in Gosnell’s personal and professional life.

The Silent Scream and the Compassionate Late Term Abortionist

Author Steven Volk points out in Chapter 4 of Gosnell’s Babies that at a certain point in the doctor’s life as he continued in family medicine and performing abortions there “begins a narrative that splits in two, with one track spanning a routine of good deeds and another leading to indictments…and 200 criminal counts.” As we will learn, that split makes perfect sense when you understand the spiritual and emotional costs of directly taking the life of unborn children in the womb.

Kermit Gosnell, even after initially falling to the temptation to abort unborn human life still had the work ethic, and values instilled by his parents.  While the darkness slowly grew in his mind and soul he still maintained some standards of decency and humanity.  Volk shares that many of Gosnell’s neighbors held him in high esteem…even after his convictions still expressing love and affection for the “good doctor.”  We find in this complex personality a father who loved his children, and a physician that while clearly misguided, was at times a compassionate and caring doctor.

In 1986 Gosnell saw the film The Silent Scream.  Silent Scream captures an ultra sound of an abortionist attempting to apply a suction instrument called a cannula to dismember a fetus in the womb.

Volk shares this account of Gosnell viewing the film:

…Gosnell simply took in what he saw: The fetus moves and to try and avoid the cannula until finally the suction locks on.  At this point, the mouth opens in what the producers called a “silent scream”…over the following weeks, he arranged to do a few abortions while filming the ultrasound screen.  He saw the same thing he’s witnessed on TV. 

Now you would expect that at this point, a compassionate and merciful physician like Dr Gosnell as he personally witnesses the fetus experiencing panic, recoiling from his suction instrument that will tear it apart…might at the very least pause to question if abortion is still an ethical and humane response to an unplanned pregnancy.   Instead we find that Gosnell has been thoroughly corrupted by playing God with unborn life.

Gosnell slips into the typical pro abortion propaganda to buttress his massive denial.    He shares about viewing his own version of Silent Scream on the ultrasound as he performed abortions:

I didn’t regret what I had done…The greater sin is the pain of carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term…and the ripple effects that has on the rest of her family and the child, and society.

One can have the most noble of intentions, and yet be the most arrogant and ignorant of men.    The wise Physician King must decide, what is the greater sin? An unborn child recoiling in horror as it is about to be ripped apart…or the real burdens that the poor face when confronted with unplanned pregnancy.[3]

You see, the enlightened, chosen leaders of the abortion revolution must assume the burden of making such complex, and troubling decisions.    As the last century taught us, those possessed with revolutionary fervor see themselves as chosen agents of history and above the laws of God and man…and so become the greatest criminals in the history of mankind.

The “Compassionate” Origins of the Baby Spinal Snipping Procedure

Convicted of the righteousness of his cause, yet still retaining some sense of human decency, Dr Gosnell felt after viewing the Silent Scream that it was important to reduce the pain he caused in later term abortions. If one has travelled the slippery slope of abortion rights apologetics, and the necessity of mid-term and later-term abortions, then there is a certain logic and twisted compassion in his developing the notorious spinal snipping procedure to quickly ease the pain of the abortion procedure on later term babies, especially those born alive.

If you find yourself rightly disgusted by Gosnell stabbing the necks and snipping the spinal cords of just born infants, then consider the Dilation and Evacuation procedure performed on 4-6 month old babies. Because the bones of the baby are solidly formed by 12 weeks, the abortionist must use an instrument that resembles pliers to grab hold of the baby’s body parts and rips them from the baby’s body.

Abortionist Warren Hern shares of his experience performing the D & E on a baby: “The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current.”

If Gosnell is a monster…then what do we call an abortionist who performs D & E procedures on babies from 16-24 weeks?  Thirty-Seven percent of abortions occur on babies after the 12th week of pregnancy when their little bones are formed and the heart beating.  It could be argued that what Gosnell was charged with, is no less offensive than the thousands of procedures performed each year on babies over 3 months gestation, where no attempt is made to reduce the pain and suffering the child experiences as it is ripped apart in a suction abortion or dismembered in the womb by a D&E procedure.

The Growing Emotional, Spiritual and Professional Disconnect of the Abortion Doctor

How does this story end so badly for Dr Gosnell?

When Gosnell bit the abortion apple and assumed the Creator’s providence over life and death we see the fruits of that rebellion beginning to ripen.  Although the details are sparse at this point in Volk’s account, we learn that Gosnell was married three times with 2 children from each marriage.  We know from our international experience with those who have experienced abortion loss, that participating in the death of an unborn child has emotional and relational consequences that are only clear after one attends a healing program.  Like a confusing and scattered puzzle, it is only after an emotional and spiritual recovery from that loss that women and men can put back together the fragmented pieces of their post abortion lives and makes sense of the chaos.

This is all the more true for those like Gosnell that directly destroy the unborn child in the womb.

Gosnell as he progressed as an abortionist by necessity further embraced the spiritual and emotional lies and rationalizations for being a hired killer for poor desperate families facing unplanned pregnancy.   His dissociation from this truth led to a similar dissociation from any standards of decency.

Increasingly the  disconnect between his self image as the kind and wise Physician King bestowing his medical services to his poor subjects, and the interior rot taking hold of his mind/heart/soul from killing so many unborn babies yielded it’s toxic fruit.

The Grand Jury report on Gosnell reveals the following charges:

  • Performing abortions after the legal limit of 24 weeks…at times delivering babies still alive
  • Allowing women to go into labor all day in his clinic and the casually stroll in for evening appointments with some of the women giving birth in toilets, waiting rooms and procedure tables while he was out of the clinic…at times giving birth to live infants.
  • Neglecting standards of instrument sterilization and care leading to S.T.D infections
  • A patient dies from heavy bleeding after a procedure without follow up. Many women horribly maimed and injured by his growing incompetence.
  • As his incompetence deepens he has less early term abortion referrals and more later-term procedure patients. Gosnell hires non-professional untrained staff to assist him in his practice.
  • As his corruption intensifies greed becomes an increasingly primary driving force in his practice as he rations better care and pain medicine for his better paying clientele.
  • He rationalizes that an illegal prescription policy for pain killers is justified as an employment opportunity for poor folks with few options
  • A plumber plunges a toilet and a tiny arm pops free
  • A cat set free to roam the clinic dies, lies rotting in the clinic infested with fleas.
  • Storing frozen babies and baby parts in his clinic

The Problem Isn’t so much Gosnell…Its Abortion

This is just a sampling of the madness.  When law enforcement agents came to Gosnell’s home to arrest him, he asked if he could first feed his turtles.   This further indicates the now complete dissociation of Dr Gosnell from the chaos, moral depravity and filth in his personal and professional life.   He calmly crushes some clams and feeds his turtles before leading the agents to his office…dissociated from the unfolding legal process that would lead him to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Perhaps on some level his increasingly erratic and criminal behavior was shouting out   “I am clearly out of control…someone please stop me and end this madness.” He remains to this day unable to face reality in his warped state and the abortion industry is too morally compromised, corrupt and depraved to police their more overtly criminal elements…as Live Action has revealed. 

Gosnell would exhibit this same calm, stately dissociative manner in the courtroom as the tales of horror unfolded.  We can safely assume he maintained the same state of calm dissociation as he dismembered a fetus, or snipped the spinal cord of a just born living baby.

While Gosnell may represent a more extreme example of the spiritually corrupted dissociated and traumatized abortionist…he is not alone.

The following is an excerpt from the New Zealand Resources for Life on a study by Rachel MacNair on Post Traumatic Stress of abortion clinic employees and physicians:

… the Psychological Consequences of Killing (Paeger, 2002)…examines several groups that kill, including war veterans and executioners…Both studies were done by people in favor of legal abortion, yet they both note the high prevalence of symptoms that fit the condition now called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The 1974 study…noted: “obsessional thinking about abortion, depression, fatigue, anger, lowered self-esteem, and identity conflicts were prominent. The symptoms were…similar to combat fatigue. The other study listed similar symptoms: … including withdrawal from colleagues… Nightmares, images that could not be shaken, and preoccupation were commonly reported. Also common was the deep and lonely privacy within which practitioners…

Gosnell represents what happens, in varying degrees, to all medical professionals who participate in the death of the unborn.  An unavoidable corruption and division occurs in the heart, mind and soul that enables the abortion doctors and staff to do the dirty work that our society uncomfortably tolerates…even as we really don’t want to really face the ugly realities of what abortion looks like.

Some physicians may not display some of the public excesses of Gosnell.  But rest assured, the research of groups like Life Dynamics reveal that when physicians and abortion clinic employees eat the fruit of the abortion apple they unleash forces that over time lead to darkness and dysfunction in their personal, professional and spiritual lives at great cost to those desperate women and men they claim to serve.

Like many who enter the murky waters of abortion with the best of intentions, these men and women are seduced by their pride and often greed to believe they can maintain control as they become the hired hands to destroy unplanned and unwanted human lives in the womb.

In Gosnell’s life, this is reflected over time in the inability to manage the growing chaos in his personal and professional life.  Reading the shocking facts of the Grand Jury report is like holding a mirror up to Gosnell’s soul…the chaos, filth and depravity are a reflection on his interior corruption and possession by the darkness that is the heart of the abortion revolution.  Once you are possessed by the lies and madness…you no longer recognize the light of truth.

The great Physician King and chosen abortion revolutionary…ends up the most depraved and pathetic of men who so grievously injured so many poor women and their babies.

Eternal Darkness

This is a warning for all those involved in the abortion industry and all of us who can remain blind and obstinate in our sin and rebellion against God’s Providence of our lives.  Many in the pro abortion camp may distance themselves from some of the more bizarre excesses and medical negligence of Gosnell.  But if you are involved in any way in the direct killing of unborn fetal life…over time your soul will become as dark and corrupted as Gosnell’s.

When you one day face the Creator of life…will you recognize the light from the darkness…truth from lies?  Or will you, like Gosnell have become so possessed by the lie that is the heart of the abortion revolution that you will reject the truth of that light…and choose eternal darkness and separation from God?  [4]

Rest assured, the author of those lies, the Serpent in the Genesis story will be there to convince you of your irredeemable depravity and the justice of your damnation. These are the horrifying realities that transcend the contentious politics and debates around the issue of abortion and have eternal significance for so many of us at this time in history.  Let us pray we can cling to the cross of Christ in our time of judgment, and trust in His great mercy.

For the sake of his sorrowful passion…have mercy on us and on the whole world.

 [In a future article I will explore the work of Dr Philip Ney and the Centurions in helping abortion providers transition and recover from their abortion practice.  If you are a present or former abortion employee or doctor please contact Priests for Life for more information and assistance.]

[1]  Greed would certainly play a key role in the later expansion of his late term abortion business.  But for the purpose of this analysis, I want to focus on the spiritual and personal lies that led over time to such depravity and madness as I believe they are more foundational to understanding this man and the roots of the abortion business.

[2] As former abortionist the late Dr Bernard Nathanson attested, pro abortion revolutionaries developed a strategy to shine a bright light on the “hard cases” and inflate and invent statistics about maternal death from botched abortions to build a powerful momentum for legalization that swept across our nation in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.  

[3] Gosnell’s is clearly ignorant of the real personal, family and social costs from after-abortion suffering.  The poor are especially vulnerable to these post abortion complications.

[4] There are many ways to abort God’s will for our lives and fall to temptation, sin and blindness.  See Matthew 25, 31-46.