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Statement for Religious Freedom Rally -- Supreme Court, June 2014

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

June 30, 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Obama Administration is on the wrong side of religious freedom, on the wrong side of the abortion issue, and on the wrong side of America, and we will not stand for it.

No human authority, whether in the United States or anywhere else, may force human beings to violate their conscience. This is nothing less than an abuse of human rights. And it is not up to the government to decide whether a particular action is or is not a violation of a person's beliefs. That is up to the believers, and to them alone.

When believers organize businesses, they do not lose their freedom to conduct those businesses according to their beliefs and their conscience. This government is trying to tell Hobby Lobby that they as a corporation do not have religious freedom rights. But if individual citizens have such rights, they do not have them only when acting individually; they have them also when acting collectively. Citizens have religious freedom rights not only when pursuing leisure activities; they have them also when pursuing business activities.

Religious freedom rights are human rights, and the only way one can lose them is to cease being human. 

Priests for Life therefore stands proudly with Hobby Lobby, with Conestoga Wood, and with all our colleagues represented here today. We thank all those, including Mr. David Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby, for also standing with Priests for Life in our own lawsuit against the HHS mandate. Our case is now in the nation's second most influential court, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and represents the objections of religious groups to the mandate. The cases of the religious groups represent a distinct set of facts and arguments, which means that the battle against the mandate is not completely won or lost with the Hobby Lobby case; the cases of both the businesses and the religious groups must be won.

No matter what decision comes out in the Hobby Lobby case or the Priests for Life case, we will continue to fight for religious freedom and for the right to life, we will absolutely refuse to comply with the mandate, and we will obey God rather than men!!

God bless you all!
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