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Take Nothing for the Journey

Walter J. Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

July 08, 1999

MT 10: 7-5 

SAM =  St Augustine Monastery, Nova Scotia, Canada                                          SAM   8:00AM

OUR LORD TOLD us many many Parables about the Kingdom of God which is our Real, True,  Lasting Home.   All else XP said is “Going to Pass Away”...EXCEPT  His Word, His Gospel...& His Truth.              

WHAT THINGS did OL tell place FIRST in our Lives?   Christ said...”Seek  FIRST Kingdom of God... & All Else shall be given you besides”.   “Don’t worry about what you will eat...where you shall sleep. If your Heavenly Father takes care of the Lilies of the field...that neither toil nor spin......& the Birds of the air......HOW much more valuable are you.......than all these material things!”

SO, IN TODAY’S GOSPEL, OL tells His Apostles Exactly as He did.  Preach Sorrow for ALL Sin. Tell the people to Turn Towards your Loving & Merciful God...Who will Hear you, Help you.....& Heal you. Condemn...Criticize....Castigate...All Evil wherever you find matter what kind of Sheep’s Clothing  the Evil may be masking Under.  AND today we have lots of masked Evils.  LET’S NAME JUST A FEW:

EVILS OF OUR MODERN AGE:   Abortion, Euthanasia, Gay Rights, Trial Marriages, No Marriage at all, Medical Assisted Suicide, Drug Abuse, Criticism of Chastity & Virtue itself, Doubt & Denial of Truth....even of Absolutes, Denial of God, Heaven... & the Spiritual, even promoting Satanic Cults...& even rampaging Murder by ISIS & young people & Public Beheadings.

SO THERE ARE PLENTY of WOLVES out there masked as Virtue...& “a Good thing to do. ”It’s a LONG LIST...that is given Glamour, Glitz & Glitter....& then they are GILDED with the Gold of Media praise.  We are told how Dumb & Old Fashioned we are if we do not try to make all these worldly things, pursuits & pleasures.....the very desire of our whole Being, Life & Living.

OUR LORD NOT be fooled by all this!  We CAN become so distracted by our earthly concerns.......that we forget what really counts before God & Heaven.  Our Lord tells His 12 Apostles...NOT to WASTE

 TIME arguing with people who will NOT Listen to you.  He tells them to simply Walk Away...& move on to the next village.  He even adds emphasis by saying that they should...”shake the dust from your feet as you leave that town.”

WE CAN ALMOST...See & Hear Christ’s Sense of He sends out His Apostles.  We TOO need this same sense of Urgency.....& to recognize the IMPORTANCE of things that REALLY MATTER! We are ALL Called.  We ALL have a Purpose in Life.  We are all Loved by God.  We in turn are supposed TO SEEK GOD!

CHRIST EVEN COMMANDS US...”You shall Love the Lord your God with your whole Heart....Your whole Soul...& your whole Mind.”  It is Obvious here that Our Lord is telling all His take seriously our obligation to pursue virtue every day in our Christian Life.

JUST LIKE THE TWELVE....we too are supposed to DO OUR spread the Gospel...& the Faith to our GOOD EXAMPLE.  We can model ourselves after the Apostles & the Saints.  In a sense we are to TRAVEL LIGHT...& NOT always be burdened by the “excess baggage” of pre-occupation  with self...& worldly worries!

WE ARE TO...”store up for ourselves Treasures in Heaven where...”neither moth destroys’...nor thief steals!”

 these REAL TREASURES are:...Love of GOD, Sorrow for Sin, True Repentance, a Life of Virtue..........& a ......LOVE OF.......MASS.....PRAYER.......& SACRAMENTS!


                                               THIS IS HOW WE CAN.......& SHOULD PREPARE

                                                    FOR OUR LIFE’S JOURNEY...EACH DAY...

                                                     TOWARDS OUR REAL HOME IN HEAVEN.

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