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Fr. Walter J. Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

December 01, 1979

2 Tim 1:6

Isaiah 41:13                                                                                                                                       

Our Lady of Good Counsel Augustinian Parish Church,   Staten Island, N

TWO QUOTES from Isaiah & St Paul set the stage for today’s Homily on Grace.   ISAIAH REMINDS us that it is NOT Fate or Good Luck.....but God’s Providence, His Help, Guidance & Strength....that saves us in our time of need.

ST. PAUL WRITES a very moving letter to his young Disciple Timothy....whom he had Ordained a Priest....& then placed him at the Head of the Church in Ephesus. It is a Letter full of loving, solid advice.....2 Tim 1:6... “ I admonish you to stir up the Grace of God which is within you by the Laying on of my hands.  “For God has NOT given us the Spirit of Fear, but of the Power of Prudence & of Love.

WE HUMBLE, NEEDFUL & SINFUL CREATURES need God our Creator.....& our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior & Redeemer.  This Creator- Creature Relationship becomes more Loving when we realize that God’s Grace IS WITHIN US.  We begin to act as Sons & Daughters of God...our Loving Father in Heaven.  

QUESTION:....How can anyone tell we ARE Christ’s FOLLOWERS....that we Know, Honor, Love, Serve, ...& Adore Christ....the GOD who was made MAN in the INCARNATION.....( Made Flesh)? Christ said In JOHN 10:30......“I & my Father are ONE!”

STORY:   A man was riding on a Bus...& looking at a little Girl...& her Mother right next to her...& he asked her...”where did  you get those pretty beautiful Blue eyes?   Without any hesitation she replied....”God gave them to me”  Both the man & her Mother  were a bit surprised, but certainly not offended by the Wisdom of the child.  Surely Our Blessed Lady was not offended either.  Remember when Our Lord said in MK 3:35...”Whoever does the Will of God...he is my Brother, Sister, & Mother to Me.”

GOD IS PRESENT.......TO us....& IN His Grace.   Without Forcing us...God FREELY grants us Graces....& we freely accept His promptings in our Hearts.  He always respects our Freedom to say YES or NO.   NOTE:   God’s Graces always lead us towards Heaven.  WE CAN ALSO SAY that God is actually operating or working in us by His Grace.  This is an on-going that never stops because...God’s Love is without Limit, Endless & Infinite.

GOD DID TELL US HOW all this works in the Parable of the Vine & BranchesJN 15: 5...”I am the Vine & you are the Branches...for without ME you can do nothing.   Branches severed from the Vine will surely die....& the same is true for us.

DO YOU THINK that anyone could Identify you as a FOLLOWER of who Loves Him so much that...He/She  would actually die a Martyr’s death for Love of Christ?   If you had to fill out a form that listed....God, Jesus Christ, Father, Mother, Church, Next of Kin, Brother, Sister, you think anyone could LOOK at you...& YOUR LIFE...AND PROVE IT?

IF SO BE HAPPY & GRATEFUL....for you are among those who have accepted the Graces Given to you....& you are on your way to Heaven.  At least you are pointed in the right direction.


                                REACH OUT & GRAB A HOLD OF......ALL THOSE GRACES

                                              GOD GIVES YOU FREELY EVERY DAY!

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