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Zacchaeus – To See God

Walter J. Quinn, OSA
Priest Associate, Priests for Life

November 17, 1998

Nov  17, 1998 

33rd Week Year   LK 19: 1-10                                                      

SAM  6:30 AM

               SAM = St Augustine Monastery,     Antigonish,  Canada

ZACCHAEUS climbed the Sycamore Tree......because he was of Small Stature.  He wanted to see what Jesus looked like...but couldn’t because of the he climbed up a  get a better look.

WE OUGHT TO REMEMBER that far as his fellow countrymen  were concerned he  had “SOLD OUT”.  He was like MATTHEW....a Tax Collector who betrayed  his own people.  Everyone disliked him........EXCEPT Our Lord!

CHRIST SAW IN ZACCHAEUS the Potential of being a really  Good Person, even  an Apostle even a Saint!  Christ began to FREE Zacchaeus of his GREED.....when He said....“Zacchaeus hurry & come down...for I must stay at your House today. Zacchaeus was THRILLED to welcome Jesus into his home!

 CHRIST’S LOVE & GRACE...for Zacchaeus...began to change him...because  he began to say YES to Christ’s calling.  We ought to compare this CHANGE upon Zaccheaus to what happens in the lives of many people today.

WE CAN OFFEND others by all kinds of Uncharitable acts, large & small such as: Greed, Fraud,  Arguing or .....shouting in the home where.... PEACE &LOVE  should reign supreme all the time.    MANY PEOPLE do not “SEE GOD”.... because of the “crowded condition” of their Soul & their Lives.  They have let the “CROWDS” of...Persons, Places, & Things...even TIME itself...CREEP into their Place of God. When this goes to the the outer Limits....we call it SIN

GOD CAN BE CROWDED OUT...Obscured by Spiritual Blindness, Ignorance,Laziness or what have you .  Sometimes God let’s an Infusion of Grace come into the Soul...& the Soul wakes up...& like Zacchaeus is deeply effected.  Then there comes a Desire to REFORM....just like the Prodigal Son.   SO....he climbs up the Tree of Grace...up out of the Quagmire of the “CROWD”...& all the many things that can CROWD God out of one’s Life.

TODAY WE SEE A GREAT PUSH to make People....want to BLEND into the be one of the Crowd.  Many don’t want to be Morally Different from the Crowd.  When this happens....Individual  Responsibilty becomes Blurred...even Lost or Forgotten.    At this point many are “numbed”  into NOT worrying too much about where one’s SOUL stands before God. 

THE “CROWD PSYCHOSIS” idea of today has too many people...“Mesmerized”  causing a state of Confusion & Mixed up Principles.  For Instance, we hear young people say....” everyone’s doing it”....& so they draw the conclusion that it must be OK Morally!   We see this Daily on the TV Talk Shows.  The question is asked......”How Many think...this is RIGHT”....& Up  go the Hands!

 THE CORRECT REPLY  is:...NOT Everybody is doing it!”   RIGHT would still be right even if...nobody  did it....& wrong would still be be Wrong...even if Everybody did it.   MORALITY has nothing whatsoever to do with the “Numbers Game.”

GROWTH IN VIRTUE first & foremost is an Individual & Personal  matter .......& just HOW much growth depends much one cooperates with the Grace God gives.  Just as Zacchaeus heard God’s Voice....&very quickly gave out with a great BIG YES LORD.....”here I come”.....& he  climbed down the Tree....& RAN to meet the Lord!

         WE ALL SHOULD WANT to be Like Zaccheous....& say....”Lord....please change me with Your Grace.  I Know I can’t do all this by please help me, your willing servant...

                      ....SO THAT I MAY KNOW YOU MORE....& SERVE YOU BETTER”.  

                              ALWAYS TRY TO STAY CLOSE TO GOD...& HIS GRACE.

                          ALL THOSE WHO DO SO.....CAN SAVE HIS/HER OWN SOUL...

                                         & EVEN THE SOULS OF OTHERS! 

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